News and opinion from the team behind the KeyLines network visualization toolkit

Webinar: Fighting Fraud with Graph Databases

8th February, 2017
Estimated reading time 1–2 minutes

Join us for a webinar with our partners at DataStax, exploring the use of graph databases to fight fraud. Date:…

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DataStax Enterprise Graph Integration goes live

20th September, 2016
Estimated reading time 2–3 minutes

We are pleased to announce that KeyLines’ new integration with the DataStax Enterprise (DSE) Graph database is now live! New…

Visualizing Graphs with TinkerPop3: A Migration Guide

31st May, 2016
Estimated reading time 4–7 minutes

Migrating From TinkerPop 2.x to TinkerPop 3.x The graph ecosystem is constantly evolving, with new and more powerful technologies powering…

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Bringing Graph Visualization to the Enterprise

19th April, 2016
Estimated reading time 2–3 minutes

Cambridge Intelligence announces partnership with the leading provider of database software for cloud applications. Technology integration will allow for the…

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