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An overview of the services and expertise we offer

Our consulting services

Let’s join forces

We have a genuine desire to see your data visualization projects succeed, and we will work with you to make sure that happens.

You understand the data problems you face; we understand how data visualization can help solve them.

By combining forces and working in partnership, we are able to make a real difference.

Specialist Developer Services

Every network visualization application needs to be different. The audiences, the data, the questions that need to be answered will all affect the application and how it works. There’s a number of different ways our developers can help you build the right application for the job:

Prototypes & demos

We understand that there’s often a need to prove the value of network visualization to customers and internal stakeholders. Our developers and visualization experts can help with all stages of prototyping and demonstration, offering best practice guidance for your project.

Building applications

This is ideal if you know you need a network visualization application, but lack the time or resources to manage a project in-house.

Our team of developers will use the KeyLines toolkit to build an application customized to your own requirements, led by an experienced project manager and visualization expert.

Custom features

Sometimes an organization’s requirements are so unique that the functionality provided by KeyLines “out-of-the-box” won’t quite do.

For these situations we can offer custom feature development to adjust existing functionality or build new ones from scratch.

To find out more, or to discuss how we can help with one of your data visualization projects, get in touch.

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Developer Support

Throughout your network visualization project, the Cambridge Intelligence team is on hand to help you get the best out of our products and make fast progress.

Our support team is made up of core KeyLines developers, so you can be certain our guidance comes from someone with a deep understanding of the subject.

Our developers can help you with:

  • API functionality questions
  • Software bugs
  • Other unexpected behavior
  • Feature suggestions or requests
  • Documentation queries
  • SDK login issues
our consulting services

Our know-how

Choosing Cambridge Intelligence not only gives you access to our award-winning products, but also means you benefit from the expertise and knowledge of our team.

We have decades of experience building data visualization products and applications for public and private sector organizations of all sizes.

With a mixture of software engineers, data visualization experts and project management specialists, we have the skills and expertise to make sure your data visualization application exceeds expectations.

How we work

We have refined an approach to consulting and development that puts you, and your users, at the heart of what we do.

1. Initial scoping

We need to take the time to understand your domain. Who are your users? What questions do they need to answer? What data do you have available? How are you answering your questions now? How can it be improved?

Taking the time to do this at the start of the consulting project ensures we can meet your needs and set a realistic deadline.

2. Initialization

Our team gets to work, building an application using some representative data.

This normally involves sizing up your data, mapping it to a good node-link structure and understanding which functionality would be beneficial.

3. Agile iteration

Our agile approach keeps things moving and makes sure we all stay on track.

You will meet frequently – usually once a week – with our project manager, who’ll gather feedback and ensure work progresses to schedule.

If required, we can help facilitate user acceptance testing (UAT) sessions.

4. Deployment

Once all parties are happy with the application, we’ll integrate it into your environment, or help your own administrators through this process.

As a web application, this is normally very straightforward. KeyLines sits alongside any legacy IT environments.

5. On-going support

After deployment, we’ll stay in touch to help you find improvements and add new functionality. You’ll have a dedicated account manager, as well as a hotline to our support team.

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To learn more about any of our Consulting Services, or to discuss how we can work together, just get in touch:

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