Our developer services

Our world-class data visualization experts can help with your data visualization project. Your users, their data and the questions they need to answer will all shape the design of your application. Our team has a combined experience of decades in designing and building network visualization tools.

This experience is available to you, for a wide range of different consulting projects:

Getting buy-in

At the start of your project, there’s often a need to prove the value of graph visualization before full resources can be assigned. We can help with all stages of that process, including prototyping and demonstrations. With our help, you’ll have the best chance of customer and stakeholder buy-in.

Building apps

Our team can provide as much support as you need, from offering guidance to building the whole visualization application for you. We can also help you to customize and extend our products’ native functionality, and ensure they integrate seamlessly with the rest of your technology stack.

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Our Professional Service Overview explains our training and consulting services.

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How we work

We tend to follow agile development principles, adapting our process to meet the needs of the project. Although each engagement is different, they include aspects of the following activities:

Initial scoping

We need to take the time to understand your domain. Who are your users? What questions do they need to answer? What data do you have available? How are you answering your questions now? How can it be improved?

Taking the time to do this at the start of the consulting project ensures we can meet your needs and set a realistic deadline.


Our team gets to work, building an application using some representative data.

This normally involves sizing up your data, mapping it to a good node-link structure and understanding which functionality would be beneficial.

Agile iteration

Our agile approach keeps things moving and makes sure we all stay on track.

You will meet frequently with our project manager, who’ll gather feedback and ensure work progresses to schedule.

If required, we can help facilitate user acceptance testing.


Once all parties are happy with the application, we’ll integrate it into your environment, or help your own administrators through this process.

As our products are web-based, this is normally very straightforward.

On-going support

After deployment, we’ll stay in touch to help you find improvements and add new functionality. You’ll have a dedicated account manager, as well as a hotline to our support team.

Working so closely together, we were able to make sure visions didn’t diverge and everyone knew what was happening. Cambridge Intelligence kept the project moving in the right direction at the right speed.

Introducing this kind of leading-edge software means we have fixed a problem for today, but also ensured that we are able to meet the needs of our members in the future.”Simon Fitzgerald, Data Sharing Services Manager at Cifas.

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Our expertise

Choosing Cambridge Intelligence not only gives you access to our award-winning products and services, but also to our expertise and community.

We’re a mixture of software engineers, data visualization experts and project management specialists. We have the skills and experience to make sure your data visualization application exceeds expectations.

Customer success managers

Our customers work with Customer Success Managers to help navigate the application creation and deployment process. They’ll be on hand to offer best practice advice, and help you choose any consulting or training products.

Our dedicated support team, made up of core software developers, is also available to field any technical questions about our products.

Connected Data Visualization Consortium

Our industry panel, the Connected Data Visualization Consortium, is made up of some of the world’s leading data-led organizations. We meet twice a year to discuss advances in network visualization technologies. It’s the perfect way to meet your peers, share experience and maximize the ROI of your investment.

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