KeyLines Training

Our training course is the quickest way to get the whole team up to speed and ready to start creating with KeyLines.

What we do

Our training course is a hands-on introduction for experienced JavaScript developers wanting to get to grips with the KeyLines SDK.

It’s delivered on-site to groups of up to six developers, and can be part tailored to meet the specific needs of your team. We use a combination of classroom learning and interactive exercises. Depending on your goals, the program can be covered in one or two days, with the two-day option including time to create a simple KeyLines prototype.

By the end of training session, your team will be armed the design and coding skills required to build a KeyLines application from scratch.

The course covers key topics including:

Introduction to the domain
  • What is network visualization?
  • An introduction to graph theory
Introducing the KeyLines SDK
  • KeyLines in the real world
  • Importance of data visualization design
  • The KeyLines namespace and documentation
  • Core KeyLines functionality
  • Traversing graphs
Building network visualization applications
  • How to get started
  • Using databases
  • Managing chart interaction

Want to know more?

Our Professional Service Overview explains our training and consulting services.

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The training course really helped our development team get to grips with the KeyLines toolkit. We all had different levels of experience beforehand but the trainer was patient, smart and well-prepared so by the end we were all confident with KeyLines and curious to learn more. I’d recommend taking the training course – it’s a useful way to get started with KeyLines.– Cesidia, Leonardo S.p.A.
KeyLines developer

Our expertise

Choosing Cambridge Intelligence not only gives you access to our award-winning products and services, but also to our expertise and community.

We’re a mixture of software engineers, data visualization experts and project management specialists. We have the skills and experience to make sure your data visualization application exceeds expectations.

Customer success managers

All our customers work with a Customer Success Managers, to help you navigate the application creation and deployment process. They’ll be on hand to offer best practice advice, and help you choose any consulting or training products.

Our dedicated support team, made up of core KeyLines developers, is also available to field any technical questions about the KeyLines SDK.

Connected Data Visualization Consortium

Our industry panel, the Connected Data Visualization Consortium, is made up of some of the world’s leading data-led organizations. We meet twice per year to discuss advances in network visualization technologies. It’s the perfect way to meet your peers, share experience and maximize the ROI of your KeyLines investment.

Visit the website for more information.

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