KeyLines 4.2 – Time periods & Amazon Neptune integration

26th March, 2018

The March release of KeyLines is live. Customers and evaluators can now enjoy KeyLines 4.2 including time bar improvements, a new integration with Amazon Neptune and other enhancements.

Represent periods of time using the time bar

The KeyLines time bar is a great way to understand how networks change and evolve over time. Until now, it represented events with a single timestamp meaning they were limited to a particular point in time.

With KeyLines 4.2, those events can have a start and end point, meaning you can show relationships over a period of time as well as instantaneous events. Exploring how and when connections between nodes start, evolve and end makes it easier to spot trends and identify unusual patterns.

Time periods can have a start and end time
Time periods can have a start and end time

The new ‘Show Time Periods’ demo shows the improvements in action. You can explore a network of companies and their directors, and see their changing relationships through time.

New integration with Amazon Neptune

When Amazon announced the preview of their purpose-built, high-performance Neptune graph database, we were keen to show you how it works with KeyLines.

Our new demo and documentation show how you can build powerful graph visualization applications for Amazon Neptune database using the TinkerPop 3 property graph model queried with Gremlin.

Integration with Amazon Neptune
Integration with Amazon Neptune

If you’d prefer to use Neptune’s SPARQL endpoint, this blog post has the details.

Other updates, enhancements and bug fixes

We’re constantly making KeyLines better. This month we’ve:

  • Improved how curved lines are rendered in WebGL
  • Rewritten the time bar documentation page to help you get started with the time bar more quickly, or make the most of your existing implementation
  • Announced details of our KeyLines consulting and training services
  • Fixed a few bugs – see the release notes for details

Like what you see?

That’s a wrap for this month’s updates. We hope you enjoy exploring KeyLines 4.2. If you’re not an existing customer and you’re interested in trying it out, register for a free trial here.

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