KeyLines 4.8: take control of node glyphs

1st October, 2018

KeyLines 4.8 is ready and waiting for customers and evaluators to download. We like to think of it as small but perfectly formed, with a slick feature to help with visualization designs, and the kind of useful, additional improvements you’ve come to expect.

Node glyphs exactly where you want them

We’ve added a radius property to glyphs on nodes, so now you can control how far a glyph should be from the center of its parent node. This gives you better control over the look and feel of your nodes, and the opportunity to get more creative with your node designs. It’s great for aligning glyphs with halos:

Set the radius property to display glyphs on nodes exactly where you want them
Set the radius property to display glyphs on nodes exactly where you want them

We’ve also updated the Style Nodes demo so you can see the new feature in action.

The function that helps us to help you

If you’ve ever contacted, you’ll know just how responsive and helpful our team of experts is. Before they can tackle your issues, there’s a bunch of things they need to know – what KeyLines version are you using? What environment is it running in? What settings are enabled?

We’ve added a new KeyLines function to the API – – that returns all of this useful information so the team can get to the heart of your problem sooner. It’s also the best place to start when you’re troubleshooting issues yourself.

Further enhancements and bug fixes

We’ve also made other useful improvements to your favorite graph visualization toolkit by:

  • making the drawing quality of links better between large open combos
  • delivering more robust graph calculations (such as closeness) on extra-large datasets
  • fixing a WebGL issue where link offsets could be drawn incorrectly

How’s that?

We hope you like our latest developments and have fun getting creative with glyphs on nodes. If you’re new to KeyLines, getting started is easy – just request a trial account.

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