KeyLines expertise – Ready to order

KeyLines expertise – Ready to order

Building a graph visualization application with KeyLines is an exciting process. Although we pride ourselves on having high quality documentation and providing expert support, you sometimes need extra help.

If it’s your first time working with KeyLines, there can be a lot to take in. You have the flexibility to customize every aspect of your application – functionality, appearance, UX – meaning you need to take some design decisions early on.

Even as an experienced developer of KeyLines apps, you could benefit from an in-depth consultation to help you keep track of newer parts of the API – especially as there’s a new KeyLines version released every month.

It’s time to present our range of training and consulting services – practical options to help you build the very best graph visualization application possible.

KeyLines consulting

Our team of world-class data visualization experts is ready to step in to help with any aspect of your KeyLines project – from prototyping to deployment. We can give as much specialist consultation as you need, including full application development and custom feature creation.

“Working closely together, we were able to make sure visions didn’t diverge and everyone knew what was happening. Cambridge Intelligence kept the project moving in the right direction at the right speed.”

– Simon, Cifas UK

KeyLines team training

Our training course is a hands-on introduction for experienced JavaScript developers wanting to get to grips with the KeyLines SDK.

It’s delivered to groups of up to six developers, and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your team. We use a combination of classroom learning and interactive exercises, keeping it fun and informative.

We all had different levels of experience beforehand but the trainer was patient, smart and well-prepared so by the end we were all confident with KeyLines and curious to learn more.

– Cesidia, Leonardo S.p.A.

KeyLines one-to-one training

Our one-to-one training gives you focused knowledge transfer from our expert KeyLines developers to yours. They are consultative sessions, rather than pure development services, meaning information and expertise stays in your team. It’s a great way to get to grips with a specific part of the SDK, or train up your own in-house KeyLines expert.

We got loads out of our KeyLines training. You can grab information from videos, etc., but physical training and proper real world scenarios gave a much greater understanding on areas we should prioritize.

– John, KBBS

Ready to learn more?

Our Customer Success team is available to answer your questions about any of our training or consulting products. Download our white paper, or contact us for details.

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