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Visualizing data using KeyLines and Elastic

Elastic graph visualization

KeyLines is a JavaScript graph visualization toolkit.

It provides a completely flexible way to build powerful, custom-designed graph visualization tools that work anywhere, on any device.

KeyLines integrates seamlessly with Elastic, making it easier than ever for you to combine powerful enterprise search and graph visualization.

Elasticsearch is a fast and scalable search engine technology. Its power and simplicity makes it popular with organizations that need to index and search very large volumes of data.

At Cambridge Intelligence, we help many developers empower their users with visual tools to explore their Elasticsearch data. We do that with KeyLines – our graph visualization toolkit.

Ready to get started? Check out our Elasticsearch integration tutorial.

Why combined Elastic with KeyLines?

Fast to build


KeyLines is a fast and powerful graph visualization engine. Its performance is amplified when paired with the flexible and fast search functionality of Elastic.

Easy to integrate

Easy to integrate

Elastic includes a powerful REST API, meaning integration with KeyLines is fast and simple. Your Elastic-powered graph visualization tool will be up and running in no time.



KeyLines is an SDK, so you get to customize every aspect of a your application, from its look and feel and behavior to interactions and functionality.

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Integrating Elastic with KeyLines

KeyLines integrates easily and seamlessly with Elastic. Check out our integration guide to learn more.

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Who uses KeyLines?

From law enforcement to cyber security and fraud detection, thousands of analysts worldwide rely on a KeyLines visualization tool to query and explore their graph data.

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