KeyLines Geospatial

KeyLines Geospatial is for visualizing connected data on maps.

KeyLines geospatial customization optionsKeyLines Geospatial is for visualizing connected data on maps. As long as your graph data has a location property (latitude and longitude), you can:

  • View your network data on a map
  • Transition seamlessly from a network view to a map view
  • Enjoy smooth, fast and responsive interactions when zooming and panning
  • Use maps with other KeyLines functionality, like filters, social network analysis and the time bar
  • Choose to integrate with a wide range of third-party map tile providers and plugins.

Unlock richer data insight

KeyLines geospatial unlocks an important aspect of your graph data – the location – without losing sight of the connections you need to understand.

Location information is a potentially rich source of data insight in use cases including:

  • Law enforcement and Security – uncover geographic trends associated with unlawful activity
  • Anti-fraud – discover fraud hotspots and detangle localized fraud rings
  • IT infrastructure – see your network’s activity on a map to help manage resources or identify alerts
  • Cyber Security – understand the location of cyber threats

Integrate with map tile providers and plugins

KeyLines Geospatial is a powerful feature of the KeyLines SDK. It provides an easy way to harness the LeafletJS API for displaying interactive maps in a browser, giving you the freedom to use map layers and alternative Coordinate Reference Systems (CRS). Whether you’re relying on plugins for geofencing and map layers, or integrating with leading geospatial service providers like Esri, KeyLines works for you.

Put simply, it allows you to deploy powerful, impressive and innovative visualization functionality without the need to spend months of development and testing resource. The KeyLines SDK includes full instructions and demos to get you started.

Customize KeyLines Geospatial

KeyLines Geospatial provides great scope for customization. You can maintain consistency between network mode and map mode by using exactly the same custom node and link styles.There’s also support for using your own scalable background images in charts, so you can give insightful context to graph data on everything from floor plans to building footprints, transport hubs to network diagrams.

KeyLines geospatial customization options

Visualizing Geospatial Graphs with KeyLines

Our white paper explains more about visualizing Geospatial graph data with the KeyLines toolkit, including an in-depth case study exploring patterns of activity on the Boston Hubway system.

Ideal for a non-technical audience.

Download the White Paper

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