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Stardog visualization

KeyLines is a JavaScript graph visualization toolkit.

It provides a completely flexible way to build powerful, custom-designed graph visualization tools that work anywhere, on any device.

KeyLines integrates seamlessly with Stardog, making it easier than ever for you to create a Stardog visualization and explore your data as a graph.

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Stardog is the leading provider of enterprise knowledge graph technology, partners with some of the largest organizations in the world, including Morgan Stanley, Bosch and NASA.

Their knowledge graph platform combines graph database technology with an AI-based knowledge toolkit.

KeyLines’ database-agnostic approach means it’s quick and easy to build powerful graph visualization tools that work alongside your Stardog database.

Why do Stardog users choose KeyLines?

Stardog visualization: Fast to build

Fast to build

From our quick-start docs to expert developer support, building Stardog visualization applications with KeyLines is fast and intuitive.

Stardog visualization: Easy to integrate

Easy to integrate

We’ve made it easy to integrate KeyLines with Stardog, RDF/Turtle and the SPARQL query language, including downloadable code samples to get you started.

Stardog visualization: Flexible


As it’s an SDK, you can customize every element of your KeyLines visualization application, from look-and-feel to features and interactions.

Advanced functionality

Advanced functionality

The KeyLines API has a great range of graph visualization and analysis algorithms, uncovering insight in your most complex Stardog knowledge graphs.

Powerful Stardog visualization

Powerful visualization

Using WebGL (or HTML5 Canvas) and carefully-optimized code, KeyLines delivers a fast and enjoyable Stardog visualization experience.



KeyLines web applications can be easily rolled into other tools and deployed to unlimited end-users, wherever they are in the world.

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Integrating Stardog with KeyLines

KeyLines comes with a connector for Stardog, using the official Stardog driver for Node.js and the SPARQL query language.

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Who uses KeyLines?

From law enforcement to cyber security and fraud detection, thousands of analysts worldwide rely on a KeyLines visualization tool to query and explore their graph data.

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KeyLines & Stardog FAQ

What is Stardog

Stardog is a knowledge graph platform that helps enterprises overcome data silos, giving them a simpler way to unify, query, search and analyze all their data.

Governments and enterprises harness Stardog knowledge graphs to join the dots for tasks ranging from drug discovery, smart search, and supply chain management.

What is KeyLines?

KeyLines is a JavaScript software development kit for graph visualization. It makes it quick and easy for JavaScript developers to build custom, powerful and interactive graph visualization tools. These can be rolled into your existing products and shipped to unlimited end-users.

How is KeyLines different to Stardog Studio?

Stardog Studio is a great visualization component, included with the Stardog platform as standard. It’s designed for analysts and developers to browse the schema and build-out knowledge graph queries.

KeyLines is a visualization tool that puts the power of Stardog knowledge graphs into the hands of users throughout the enterprise. It’s a great Stardog Studio alternative if you’re looking to roll out a more customized and flexible visualization experience with advanced interactivity and visual analysis functionality.

How does Stardog connect to KeyLines?

We’ve built a demo application showing how KeyLines integrates with any version of Stardog. It connects to the database using the official Stardog driver for node.js, sending queries that get transformed to SPARQL on the back-end. Once the data is fetched, KeyLines lays it out in a node-link format, ready for interactive visual analysis.

Does KeyLines support JavaScript frameworks?

Yes, KeyLines comes with integrations for Vue and AngularJS. If you’re interested in building a graph visualization application in React, take a look at our ReGraph product instead.

Where can I learn more?

If you’re not ready to get started yet, take a look at our blog. You’ll find useful information graph visualization best practice, and integrating our products with many different graph databases. Visit the blog.

If you’re ready to get started, Request a free KeyLines trial.

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