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Polaris & KeyLines: Network analytics for compliance

We’ve partnered with Sistemi & Automazione to show how Polaris, their web-based application powered by KeyLines, can help organizations develop a holistic view of their customers and improve credit management.

Master supply chain management with graph analytics

Modern supply chains are expansive, complex networks involving many moving parts. Managing these networks can be challenging but with the help of graph analytics, it doesn’t need to be. By the end of this session you’ll have an understanding of how graph analytics can offer you a clearer understanding of your network and help you improve your supply chain management.

KeyLines 5.0 – Geospatial graph insight without limits

Whether you’re investigating fraud rings, managing infrastructure or trying to uncover crime patterns, you’ll find a wealth of insight buried in your geospatial connected data. By the end of this webinar, you’ll have a new perspective on combining maps and images with graphs, and how the technique can bring fresh insight to a huge range of use cases.

A guide to visualizing graphs from any source

Many people think that to visualize graph data, you need a graph database. That’s not necessarily true. In this session, graph visualization expert – Christian Miles – will explain how to get started with graph visualization using any database, API, or even just a CSV file.

Creating effective visual models for big data graphs

With big graphs, it’s important to put your data through the “data funnel”, a process of reduction from billions of data points to something a user can interact with and understand. This webinar discusses the techniques you can use to do that.

A guide to graph UX (or how to avoid wrecking your graph visualization)

Software toolkits, like KeyLines, are hugely powerful. They empower developers to build unique products without the need to code from scratch. To benefit from that freedom, however, developers need to make the right UI and UX decisions. That’s what we explore in this webinar.

Visualization color design

Fighting fraud with Amazon Neptune and KeyLines

This webinar explores the power of combining KeyLines with the new Amazon Neptune graph database. We’ll see how this pairing creates flexible, scalable and high-performance visual tools to make fraud detection faster, simpler and more robust.

KeyLines and Amazon Neptune

Customer 360: Graph Technology to understand the customer

This webinar, co-presented with our partners at Expero, explores how graph visualization can help you achieve a single definitive view of the customer.

You’ll learn how graph technologies are used to connect customer touch-points and create a better, more profitable customer journey.

Managing chart clutter: working with huge graphs

In this session author and graph visualization expert, Corey L Lanum, will share some of ways you can eliminate clutter in your graph visualisations. He’ll explain each of the tools available, and how they can be combined into an effective and intuitive user experience.

KeyLines 4.0 & Open Combos

Building powerful apps with ArangoDB & KeyLines

As data gets bigger, faster and more complex, you need to arm yourself with the best tools. In this webinar we’ll see how KeyLines and ArangoDB combine to create powerful and intuitive data analysis platforms.

KeyLines & ArangoDB

Using graph technologies for more robust privacy data governance

This session is co-hosted by data privacy software leaders trust-hub. We’ll see how they’ve harnessed graph technologies, including KeyLines and Neo4j, to help organizations map, understand and control the flow of personal data.

KeyLines & Compliance

Graphs & the Police: How Law Enforcement Analyze Connected Data at Scale

In this webinar, Christian Miles of Cambridge Intelligence (makers of KeyLines) will introduce the benefits of graph technologies for law enforcement. He will show how to use Neo4j with compelling graph visualization techniques to improve performance and analytics when working with large volumes of law enforcement data.

KeyLines & Law Enforcement

Democratizing Real time Analytics with KeyLines: Logtrust’s Story

This webinar showcases the power and flexibility of the graph data model employed by big data analytics firm Logtrust.

We’ll see how a KeyLines-powered graph visualization application empowers Logtrust’s customers to uncover insights on a massive scale.

Our Logtrust case study

Fighting Fraud with Graph Databases

We’ll look at how a combination of the DataStax Enterprise Graph and KeyLines can help organizations meet the challenges of modern fraud detection.

We’ll cover:

  • How companies are fighting fraud using graph technologies
  • The tools, workflows and techniques needed to drive fraud detection
  • A visual approach to transforming data from DSE Graph into fraud intelligence

More on visualizing fraud data

A Beginner’s Guide to Graph Visualization

Ready to visualize your graph data but not sure where to begin? This is the session for you. In this webinar, Corey Lanum will walk you through the process of creating your own visual graph analysis applications. He’ll show you how to:

  • define a graph
  • work with graph data
  • decide when and why to visualize graphs
  • follow best practice

The tutorial will give you a non-technical, high-level introduction to graph visualization, and describe what advantages it can bring to your organization.

More best practice tutorials

Smarter Cyber Threat Intelligence with Graphs

As the volume and complexity of cyber security data grows, our ability to understand it diminishes. This webinar explains how you can use a combination of advanced graph technologies to carry out more useful analysis of cyber threats.

The session showcases two technologies that help make complex analysis tasks easier: KeyLines and EclecticIQ.

More about EclecticIQ

Building a graph dashboard: Using Kibi to explore interconnected data in Elasticsearch

In this session Siren Solutions will demonstrate their visualization and analysis technology, Kibi.

Thanks to Kibi, powered by Siren’s relational technology for ElasticSearch and Keylines Graph Visualization, users can visualize and find patterns in densely interconnected enterprise datasets.

Giovanni Tummarello – CEO of Siren Solutions – will describe how Kibi combines Elasticsearch, Kibana, KeyLines and their own Join plugin to create a technology that gives tangible meaning to the “Enterprise Knowledge Graph” concept.

More about Siren Solutions

Use cases for graph visualization: When and how to visualize graphs

Graph visualization tools give business users rapid insight into complex connected data. It allows them to answer the who / why / how questions, and also the where and when.

This tutorial will give you an overview of the different approaches and techniques for visualizing graphs. It will introduce the different use cases where graph visualization is valuable – and those where it is not.

Suitable for a technical and non-technical audience.

More use cases

Supercharged graph visualization for cyber security

Cyber security analysts face data overload. They work with information on a massive scale, generated at millisecond levels of resolution detailing increasingly complex attacks.

To make sense of this data, analysts need an intuitive and engaging way to explore it: that’s where graph visualization plays a role.

Suitable for a technical and non-technical audience.

More about Cyber Security

Maximising Data Insight with KeyLines and OrientDB

The world is suffering from data overload! Data is being generated at a faster rate than ever before. And as the scale grows, so too does the complexity. During this session, you will learn how OrientDB and KeyLines can help you derive useful insight from complex big data.

Suitable for a technical and non-technical audience.

More about OrientDB

Visualizing Threats: The Next Generation of Cyber Security Analytics

Learn how Cyberflow Analytics have used KeyLines’ network visualization functionality to develop the next generation of cyber security analytics platform – built for the scope and scale of the Internet of Things.

Suitable for a technical and non-technical audience.

More about Cyberflow Analytics

Visualizing Dynamic Networks

During this webinar, KeyLines creator Joe Parry introduces you to the complexities of dynamic networks and demonstrate how KeyLines 2.0 can help you make sense of your evolving connected data.

Suitable for a technical and non-technical audience.

More about Dynamic Networks

Bringing Networks to Life

This webinar provides practical advice and tips for creating data visualization applications to increase user engagement. Using real-world examples, visualization expert, Nathaniel Benson, outlines the tactics required to build interesting, intuitive and informative data visualizations.

Suitable for a technical and non-technical audience.

More about Network Design

Visualizing the Neo4j Graph Database with KeyLines

During this webinar, hosted by Neo4j VP of Community Peter Neubauer and Cambridge Intelligence’s North America Manager Corey Lanum, you will learn more about the Neo4j graph database and how you can use KeyLines to visualize them.

Suitable for a technical and non-technical audience.

More about Neo4j

Visualizing Graph Databases

Watch a recording of our Google Hangout webinar on the topic of visualizing graph databases. Hosted by visualization expert Corey Lanum, this 30 minute video explains how graph databases work and how KeyLines can help you use them to derive value.

Suitable for a technical and non-technical audience.

More about Graph Databases

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