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Graphs and Cyber Security Intelligence

13th January, 2016
Estimated reading time 5–8 minutes

Cyber intelligence data is big, complex and varied. Graph visualization is fast becoming a ‘must-have’ technology tools for organizations serious about cyber threats. We caught up with Raymon van der Velde, Co-Founder and VP Product at EclecticIQ – an award-winning pioneer of graph-based cyber security tools – to learn more about what they are doing.

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Kantwert – Bringing clarity to networks of influence

27th May, 2015
Estimated reading time 1–2 minutes

Social connections dominate our lives. Networks of important people – politicians, business people, etc – have huge influence over the…

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Cambridge Semantics adds KeyLines to Anzo Smart Data Platform

19th December, 2014
Estimated reading time 2–4 minutes

Cambridge Semantics, the leading provider of smart data solutions driven by Semantic Web technology, today announced the integration of its…

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Securing the Internet of Things

16th December, 2014
Estimated reading time 1–2 minutes

From smart cities to logistics automation, e-Health to intelligent retail, 2015 is set to be the year the ‘Internet of…

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CyberFlow: Securing the Internet of Things

16th December, 2014
Estimated reading time 4–6 minutes

Highlights KeyLines integrated into award-winning cyber security solution Designed to visualize thousands of entities in real-time Cloud and on-premise deployments…

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The Evolution of Fraud Detection: CaseLink 2.0

8th October, 2014
Estimated reading time 2–3 minutes

Cifas’ network visualization application, CaseLink 2.0 Cambridge Intelligence works with CIFAS – the UK’s Fraud Prevention Service, to release a…

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Case Study: Visualizing IT Infrastructure

6th March, 2014
Estimated reading time 3–5 minutes

One of the biggest challenges facing enterprise IT teams is the scaling up, in terms of size and sophistication, of…

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Cambridge Intelligence doubles in 6 months

20th February, 2014
Estimated reading time 2–2 minutes

Cambridge firm celebrates continued rapid growth, doubling their client base in six months. Cambridge Intelligence is celebrating another major new…

Case Study: National Police Force

6th December, 2013
Estimated reading time 4–6 minutes

KeyLines has been used to deploy sophisticated network visualization capability in many high profile and complex organizations. In this case…

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Cambridge Intelligence grows to double figures

25th June, 2013
Estimated reading time 2–2 minutes

Cambridge Intelligence, one of the city’s most promising start-ups celebrates their tenth customer and first success on mainland Europe. Cambridge…

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