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Visualizing JanusGraph: the new TitanDB fork

4th December, 2017
Estimated reading time 5–8 minutes

A quick history lesson Back in February 2015, we wrote a blog post “Aurelius has been acquired – what now…

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Visualizing Graphs with ArangoDB and KeyLines

20th March, 2017
Estimated reading time 8–14 minutes

Some of the players in the growing graph database market The growing interest in graphs shows no signs of slowing…

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Hooking KeyLines up to the Neo4j Bolt Protocol

6th March, 2017
Estimated reading time 7–12 minutes

Neo4j 3.0 has many new features, and we’re particularly interested in the Bolt Protocol. Bolt promises to be a faster…

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Visualizing Graphs with TinkerPop3: A Migration Guide

31st May, 2016
Estimated reading time 4–7 minutes

Migrating From TinkerPop 2.x to TinkerPop 3.x The graph ecosystem is constantly evolving, with new and more powerful technologies powering…

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Visualizing the Cayley Graph Database

3rd July, 2014
Estimated reading time 6–9 minutes

Google dove deeper into the world of graphs last week with their release of Cayley – a new open source…

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