Visualizing Cyber Security Threats

23rd April, 2014

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It won’t have escaped your notice that cybercrime has become a permanent headache for many organizations.

As IT networks increase in size and connectedness, they have also become more vulnerable to malicious activity. Organizations relying on data, information and intellectual property are especially at risk, with high profile attacks hitting several global organizations.

Data-led cyber security

Cybersecurity professionals can ensure greater resilience using a data-led strategy. Existing SIEM and SEM cybersecurity tool providers have invested heavily in dashboards – tools for collating cyber data from across the organization and presenting it in a single view.

What’s often missing, however, is an efficient and effective way to visualize this connected data.

Free download: Network visualization and cyber security

We’ve put compiled a new white paper, explaining how existing KeyLines customers have used our tool to enhance their cybersecurity data activities.

Using screenshots of demo applications built using the KeyLines toolkit, we explain how you can deploy network visualization to:

  • Maintain a secure perimeter
  • Monitor for emerging threats
  • Perform efficient post-attack forensics

Download the White Paper

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