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Building a graph dashboard: Using Kibi to explore interconnected data in Elasticsearch

  • Date: Thursday 15th September 2016
  • Time: 5pm BST (9am PDT, 12pm EDT, 6pm CEST)
  • Duration: 45 mins, including Q&A

Organizations are investing heavily in data infrastructure: building data lakes, collecting logs and data streams.

Visualization is a vital part of this, providing non-technical users with a means to explore and understand millions of rows of data at a glance. Systems like Kibana, the data visualization dashboard from Elasticsearch, have become incredibly popular as they empower users to freely drill down into complex data.

In this session Siren Solutions will demonstrate their visualization and analysis technology, Kibi.

Thanks to Kibi, powered by Siren’s relational technology for ElasticSearch and Keylines Graph Visualization, users can visualize and find patterns in densely interconnected enterprise datasets.

During this session, Giovanni Tummarello – CEO of Siren Solutions – will describe how Kibi combines Elasticsearch, Kibana, KeyLines and their own Join plugin to create a technology that gives tangible meaning to the “Enterprise Knowledge Graph” concept.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why relational and graph visualization should be a core component of your Dashboards
  • What data questions you can answer with a graph
  • How Kibi combines KeyLines with Elastic Search for a 360-degree data view.

Sam Duby

Sam is our Technical Sales Manager for the EMEA region. He combines extensive commercial experience with a solid technical background, including studies in Computer Science at the University of Cape Town and University of the Witwatersrand. He uses his data visualization and coding expertise to help KeyLines developers build the best graph visualization applications possible.

Giovanni Tumarello

Giovanni Tummarello is CEO at Siren Solutions. He holds a PhD in semantic technologies, with background in machine learning, distributed computing and knowledge graph. He was responsible for research groups in Italy (FBK) and Ireland (former DERI institute) having raised more than 2M in academic grants. Within Siren he is responsible for the Kibi data intelligence product strategy and evolution.

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Use cases for graph visualization: When and how to visualize graphs

Graph visualization tools give business users rapid insight into complex connected data. It allows them to answer the who / why / how questions, and also the where and when.

This tutorial will give you an overview of the different approaches and techniques for visualizing graphs. It will introduce the different use cases where graph visualization is valuable – and those where it is not.

Suitable for a technical and non-technical audience.

More use cases

Supercharged graph visualization for cyber security

Cyber security analysts face data overload. They work with information on a massive scale, generated at millisecond levels of resolution detailing increasingly complex attacks.

To make sense of this data, analysts need an intuitive and engaging way to explore it: that’s where graph visualization plays a role.

Suitable for a technical and non-technical audience.

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Maximising Data Insight with KeyLines and OrientDB

The world is suffering from data overload! Data is being generated at a faster rate than ever before. And as the scale grows, so too does the complexity. During this session, you will learn how OrientDB and KeyLines can help you derive useful insight from complex big data.

Suitable for a technical and non-technical audience.

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Visualizing Threats: The Next Generation of Cyber Security Analytics

Learn how Cyberflow Analytics have used KeyLines’ network visualization functionality to develop the next generation of cyber security analytics platform – built for the scope and scale of the Internet of Things.

Suitable for a technical and non-technical audience.

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Visualizing Dynamic Networks

During this webinar, KeyLines creator Joe Parry introduces you to the complexities of dynamic networks and demonstrate how KeyLines 2.0 can help you make sense of your evolving connected data.

Suitable for a technical and non-technical audience.

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Bringing Networks to Life

This webinar provides practical advice and tips for creating data visualization applications to increase user engagement. Using real-world examples, visualization expert, Nathaniel Benson, outlines the tactics required to build interesting, intuitive and informative data visualizations.

Suitable for a technical and non-technical audience.

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Visualizing the Neo4j Graph Database with KeyLines

During this webinar, hosted by Neo4j VP of Community Peter Neubauer and Cambridge Intelligence’s North America Manager Corey Lanum, you will learn more about the Neo4j graph database and how you can use KeyLines to visualize them.

Suitable for a technical and non-technical audience.

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Visualizing Graph Databases

Watch a recording of our Google Hangout webinar on the topic of visualizing graph databases. Hosted by visualization expert Corey Lanum, this 30 minute video explains how graph databases work and how KeyLines can help you use them to derive value.

Suitable for a technical and non-technical audience.

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