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From governments and global leaders, to fast-growing start-ups, we’ve built close relationships with hundreds of customers worldwide.

Customer Case Studies

Our software has been deployed in a wide range of critical use cases, including: Fraud detection, Law enforcement and security, Cyber Security, Infrastructure management, Regulatory compliance, CRM and customer 360, Knowledge management, Pharma and drug discovery.

So, why do they choose us?

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Microsoft: A new Police Contact Management plaform

How our partnership with Microsoft Services UK is helping police forces improve their response to incidents.

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Logtrust: Democratizing realtime data

How Logtrust empowers analysts to harness the connections in their big data, with the help of the KeyLines toolkit.

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trust-hub: More robust privacy data compliance

See how trust-hub have used KeyLines to help their customers understand the private data they hold, and ensure compliance to complex and evolving regulations.

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Illunex: connecting supply chains

See how Korean blockchain start-up, Illunex, helps enterprises find innovation opportunities in their supply chain networks, connecting over 180,000 businesses.

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Sistemi & Automazione: powering compliance

The Polaris platform, built our Italian partner Sistemi & Automazione, federates data to power better compliance processes.

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Become Education: 21st century careers

See how Become Education use graph visualization, powered by KeyLines, to equip children with the skills and knowledge to design their own lives.

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EclecticIQ: Understanding Cyber Threat Intel as a Graph

In 2015, EclecticIQ used the KeyLines network visualization toolkit to build an interactive graph visualization that sits at the heart of their platform.

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IntelligentTag: Taking Neo4j to the regulated industries

How our partnership with IntelligentTag will help organizations in the regulated industries to harness the power of Neo4j.

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iMapData: Integrated risk intelligence with KeyLines

This case study explains how iMapData have used the power of the KeyLines network visualization toolkit to help customers understand and mitigate risk.

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Cifas: Visualizing Fraud

Learn how Cifas, the UK’s anti-fraud authority, has deployed KeyLines to allow its 300 members to visualize the UK’s national fraud database.

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Siren Solutions
Case Study: Siren Solutions

Learn how Siren Solutions used KeyLines to build a powerful graph exploration and visualization component for Elasticsearch indices.

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Kantwert: Networks of authority

How Kantwert uses the KeyLines toolkit to bring even greater clarity to their data, highlighting the connections between people of power and institutions.

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CyberFlow: Security & the IoT

How KeyLines is being used to help CyberFlow customers achieve 360-degree cyber situational awareness, and mee the scale and complexity challenges posed by the ‘Internet of Things’.

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Cambridge Semantics
Cambridge Semantics deploys KeyLines

Cambridge Semantics, the leading provider of smart data solutions driven by Semantic Web technology, uses KeyLines in its Anzo Smart Data Platform.

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use cases
Our Use Cases

Our technologies are used to uncover insight in all kinds of complex data. Our use case pages explain some of data challenges we help to solve.

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What do our customers say about us?

There is a growing market for visual tools that make big data accessible and simplify complexity. Cambridge Intelligence has the best technology to do that. Our partnership means we can consistently deliver outstanding software and expertise, keeping our customers happy and creating innovative solutions to their challenges.

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