The ReGraph Toolkit

The React toolkit for graph visualization

Build game-changing React graph visualization products that turn connected data into insight.

With ReGraph’s simple data-driven API, it’s quick and easy to add graph visualizations to your React applications.

Ship custom, high-performance graph visualization to your users, wherever they are.

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Build game-changing React graph visualization products that turn connected data into insight.

Build interactive graph visualization tools to reveal threats and hidden insight

Dirk Kolb

Integrating ReGraph into our intelligence platform took little effort. The added value of the graph and time bar visualization, on the other hand, is massive. Our customers love the additional possibilities, as they now have new views that improve their decision-making process.

Built for React

For React developers, ReGraph offers a simple and clean coding experience. It has familiar logic, easy state handling and well-documented props.

You can choose where your data is stored, and how the component looks and behaves. It works in any browser, on any device, and integrates readily with any server or database.

It’s a completely flexible way to build a custom React graph visualization application.

How ReGraph works

Built for React

ReGraph is

powerful graph visualization for React developers


ReGraph makes it easy to build powerful React graph visualization applications. Everything has been carefully optimized for performance, from its layout algorithms to its supercharged graphics rendering engine.

scaleable graph visualization for React developers


You’ll want to share your graph visualizations. Modern web technologies power your ReGraph applications, so you can easily roll them into other tools and deploy to anyone, anytime.

simple graph visualization for React developers


ReGraph comes with tutorials, demos, code examples, a carefully crafted API and a live-coding playground. Combined with our awesome support, you’ll be ready to visualize your graphs in no time.

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Our customers

Since 2011, we’ve helped thousands of developers to build graph visualization applications with our toolkit technology.

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