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Tips on how to visualize a graph dataset


12th January, 2017
Estimated reading time 5–8 minutes

If you need to visualize your graph data, the quick and dirty approach is to throw all the data together…

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KeyLines chosen for new Police Contact Management Platform


10th January, 2017
Estimated reading time 4–6 minutes

Identifying Threat, Risk & Harm KeyLines has been incorporated into a new Microsoft Services platform for UK Police forces. The…

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KeyLines FAQ: The Graph Engine


3rd January, 2017
Estimated reading time 3–5 minutes

Back in September 2016 we launched KeyLines 3.2, designed to help you visualize large networks more easily. In among the…


KeyLines 3.3: Self-linking nodes


20th December, 2016
Estimated reading time 3–5 minutes

We’re pleased to announce that KeyLines 3.3 is available now to all KeyLines customers and evaluators. It’s a big release,…

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Visualizing very large networks: an update


6th December, 2016
Estimated reading time 5–8 minutes

One of the most popular blog posts we’ve published in the last five years is Corey Lanum’s How to visualize…

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Visualizing Graph Data – How to get your copy


1st December, 2016
Estimated reading time 2–3 minutes

Over the last year, our resident graph visualization expert Corey Lanum has been writing a book. Visualizing Graph Data is the…


Understand and mitigate AML risks with KeyLines


28th November, 2016
Estimated reading time 4–7 minutes

Regulatory compliance is a massive undertaking for the financial services sector. From small credit unions to multinational banks, everyone operates…

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Enterprise fraud detection


15th November, 2016
Estimated reading time 6–9 minutes

Enterprise fraud detection has changed significantly in the last few years. Previously, single supplier solutions reigned supreme. Multi-million dollar contracts…

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Choosing colors for your data visualization


1st November, 2016
Estimated reading time 8–12 minutes

Colors can make or break your visualization. A carefully selected color palette helps you to harness the pre-attentive processing powers…

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How to visualize graphs with Elasticsearch


24th October, 2016
Estimated reading time 2–2 minutes

Over the last few weeks, we have been looking at Elasticsearch – the open source enterprise search technology. Blog post…

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