Graph visualization

See what you can achieve with powerful graph visualization

What is graph visualization?

Graph visualization, sometimes called ‘link analysis’ or ‘network visualization’, is the process of visually presenting networks of connected entities as nodes and links.

If you need to understand connections in your data, there can be huge advantages to looking beyond your ‘flat’ data model with a powerful visualization software.

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Why graph visualization?

The world is densely connected. If there’s an interesting relationship in your data, you’ll find value in graph visualization.


It’s intuitive

Exploring networks as node-link structures instantly makes sense, even to people who’ve never worked with connected data before.

Learn when and how to visualize graphs.


It’s fast

Our brains are great at spotting patterns, but only when the info is in a tangible format. It helps you identify trends and outliers quickly.

See how we used graph visualization to spot patterns in Bitcoin data.


It’s scalable

It lets you simplify complexity, see context and understand detail. With one chart, you can get an overview or dive into specific connections.

Find out more in Five steps to tackle big graph data visualization.


It’s insightful

Through interactive data analysis, you gain deeper knowledge and understand context. That’s hard to achieve with a static, aggregated visualization.

Find out more in Designing your best app.

The ultimate guide to graph visualization

Everything you need to start building effective graph visualizations
that’ll help your users find insight in connected data fast.

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Graph visualization use cases

Connected data is all around us. Visualizing helps to solve some pretty big challenges.

Can’t see your use case here? Check out our use cases page.

Detect cyber threats

Cyber security

Understand cyber threats, reveal network vulnerabilities, detect malware and discover trends using visualization techniques.

Fraud management


Visualize unusual activities and connections to identify, investigate and predict any type of fraud – from identity theft to financial crime.


Security & Intelligence

Use link analysis to uncover threats and critical intelligence to help make the world safer.

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Why choose our visualization technology?

We’ve designed our toolkits with developers’ needs in mind. There’s a fully-documented API, step-by-step tutorials and over 80 demos with downloadable source code.

Graph visualization for JavaScript

Graph visualization for JavaScript developers

Learn more about KeyLines

Graph visualization for React

ReGraph Graph visualization for React developers

Learn more about ReGraph

Some commonly asked questions

What are KeyLines and ReGraph?

KeyLines and ReGraph are two software development kits (SDKs) we’ve built to help developers create powerful graph visualization tools. Learn more about KeyLines and ReGraph

What is KronoGraph?

KronoGraph, our toolkit for timeline visualization, lets you build fully-interactive timelines that reveal how events unfold and how they’re linked. It’s a standalone toolkit that integrates seamlessly with KeyLines and ReGraph, so users get two powerful ways to visualize and analyze their graph data. Learn more about KronoGraph

Who are Cambridge Intelligence?

We’re the world’s leading supplier of data visualization technology. From law enforcement to cybersecurity and fraud detection, we work with organizations around the globe. Every day, thousands of analysts rely on our technology to ‘join the dots’ in data and uncover hidden threats.

Who uses your products?

More than 200 customers worldwide use our SDKs, from government agencies, police forces and global banks, software vendors and technology start-ups.

How do I get started?

That’s easy! Request a free trial

What’s the difference between an SDK and an app?

Off-the-shelf applications have a defined user interface and experience built into the software – a one-size-fits-all approach. SDKs give the flexibility to design and build custom applications that look and behave as your users need them to. These custom applications are easier to use and more effective as a result. Read more about it in Open source vs SDK

Do I need developer skills to use KeyLines or ReGraph?

Your analysts will not need coding knowledge to use data visualization applications built with our SDKs. However, you will need some JavaScript experience to build and deploy those applications. We’ve worked hard to make that process simple, with first-class support and documentation, and consulting services on stand-by.

What integrations are available?

We’ve worked hard to ensure KeyLines and ReGraph apps ‘just work’ in any setup. You can keep your existing servers and code in your preferred JavaScript framework. We also have integration guides to help you connect to your favorite graph database from Neo4j to Amazon Neptune. Check out our products’ technology pages:

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