Evaluation FAQs

Some common questions about evaluating KeyLines & ReGraph

This page is for people who are evaluating KeyLines & ReGraph.

If you’re looking to buy or renew a full license, see Purchasing & Procurement

1. What are KeyLines & ReGraph?

KeyLines and ReGraph are commercially-licensed Software Development Kit (SDK) for network visualization. KeyLines is for JavaScript developers, while ReGraph is specifically designed for React developers.

Using our SDKs, it’s quick and easy to build applications for visualizing connections in data, that can be deployed anywhere, to anyone.

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2. Who makes them?

KeyLines and ReGraph are both made by us, Cambridge Intelligence. We’re a software company based in Cambridge, UK, and Boston, US.

We’ve been building and selling data visualization technology since 2011 and work with hundreds of customers worldwide, including start-ups, Fortune 500 companies and national governments.

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3. How do I evaluate KeyLines & ReGraph?

We offer 21-day trial licenses for both SDKs, giving you plenty of time to try them and make sure they suit your needs.

We recommend arranging a quick demo with your account manager when you first start your evaluation. They can help you get started more quickly and explain the resources we have to help you build the best visualization application possible.

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4. How are KeyLines & ReGraph licensed?

Both SDKs are available under a commercial license. Most customers choose an annual subscription license, which includes:

  • The rights to embed a component into your own product or tool
  • The rights to deploy your component to unlimited end-users
  • The support and guidance of our excellent support team
  • Access to frequent product updates

To get a quote for your specific requirements, contact us.

5. Why not open source?

We love the Open Source community and contribute where we can, but KeyLines and ReGraph are not open source projects. They are proprietary technologies, written from scratch by our team.

The advantage of this is that we offer great technical support and frequent product updates for all our customers, under full commercial terms. We can offer guaranteed levels of support, liabilities and change management processes. And because we’ve invested in these projects commercially, we aren’t going to abandon them.

We’ve gone into more details in this blog post.

6. Why buy, not build?

Many people ask us why they should pay for technology like KeyLines or ReGraph, rather than building their own.

Creating this kind of software is fun, but it’s more difficult than it looks. It will eat up your valuable development and testing resources quickly.

We know from working with thousands of developers that, in the long run, it is quicker, easier and more cost-effective to buy-in the capability.

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