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We are an international team of data visualization experts,
on a mission to help you understand your connected data.

Our Story

Detecting risk and opportunity is often a case of analyzing connections: between people, events, locations, devices, etc. Since 2011, we have been helping organizations to visualize and understand these connections.

The idea behind Cambridge Intelligence was to provide a new and better way to visualize complex networks – to move away from the complicated, dated and inflexible desktop software available at the time.

By using modern web technologies our product, KeyLines, is truly scalable across teams and devices. Through our toolkit approach we can be sure each deployment is designed for the data being visualized and the users asking the questions. The result is a visualization tool that is intuitive, simple to use and that can uncover insight in any domain.

Through our combination of award-winning technology, services and know-how, we have helped customers around the world bring their connected data to life. Every day, thousands of users rely upon KeyLines to perform critical analysis and uncover clarity in their data; helping them make better decisions, faster.

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Meet the Team

The Cambridge Intelligence Team

We have decades of data visualization know-how and experience, ready to be applied to your projects.

Meet the team

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Company Mission

We help organizations around the world understand their connected data by providing everything they need to create visualization applications that are powerful, yet simple to use.

Our award-winning software, unrivalled know-how and expert developer services make network visualization accessible and valuable to all industries.

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