Our Impact

The ways we're bringing positive change

At Cambridge Intelligence, we have five core values that inform all our interactions: with our customers, our communities and our environment. They support a constant effort to make a positive impact.

But we don’t want you to just take our word for it.

On this page, you’ll see some of the ways we’re making Cambridge Intelligence a business that our team is proud to work for, our customers love to deal with, and that feels part of the community.

the Cambridge Intelligence core values

Staying green

We’re building a business that doesn’t contribute to global climate change.

Led by our Green Initiative Group, we’ve made commitments to minimize our carbon footprint and publicly share our progress through TechZero – a partner of the UN’s Race to Zero program.

Specifically, we aim to:

  • Remain carbon neutral from 01 June 2019
  • Halve our carbon footprint by the financial year 2025/26
  • Keep our baseline and per-employee emissions below 2019/20 levels, even as we grow
  • Share ideas and knowledge with other businesses
  • Hit Net Zero by the year 2030.

Read more about our sustainability plan

Staying green
Giving back to the community

Giving back

One of our core values is to be responsibly ambitious. We strive to be great at what we do, but also do what’s right. For us, part of that is sharing our success and experience with the wider community.

We sponsor the Cambridge JavaScript and NodeJS meetup group, providing a free, open and friendly way for developers of all skill levels to meet and learn.

Our charity support and payroll giving programs encourage Cambridge Intelligence staff to raise funds for the charities they care about, with all contributions matched by us. In 2024, our payroll giving program was awarded the diamond quality mark by the Charities Aid Foundation.

We also donate directly to charities. Since 2021, we’ve shared a total of £200,000 with organizations that work tirelessly to improve people’s lives.

Read about our charity donations

Diversity and inclusion

At Cambridge Intelligence, we believe that when people feel safe, respected and included, they’re more innovative and successful. As a business, we’re committed to advancing diversity and inclusion internally as well as in the wider community.

‌Diversity and inclusion is an area we work continuously to improve, with our EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) group helping to keep us moving in the right direction. Some of the initiatives we have in place to help people feel safe and included are:

  • Increasing our reach to potential candidates from under-represented groups for all roles, internships, work experience placements and graduate positions
  • Introducing enhanced family policies
  • Supporting flexible working across the company

Read more about our EDI initiatives

Diversity and inclusion
Wellbeing at work

A focus on wellbeing

Being part of a growing business can be exciting, but we know there are times when being busy stops being fun and instead becomes a problem. We’ve put in place a number of initiatives to protect work-life balance, and help our team keep physically, emotionally and mentally well.

  • Our flexible working policy helps people fit work around life, rather than the other way around
  • We combine remote work with weekly ‘team days’, to encourage team cohesion and avoid isolation
  • We have trained mental health first aiders in-house, as well as professional counselling available to all staff as part of our private healthcare package
  • We organise regular social events, ranging from sports days and cookery classes, to meals out and escape rooms.

See some of our wellbeing at work activities

Governance and ethics

We believe that better data visualization makes the world a safer place.

Our customers are proof of that. They do some incredible things with our technology, from preventing cyber-attacks and detecting fraud, to stopping terrorism and the exploitation of children.

Sometimes, however, people ask to integrate our toolkits into projects that could be mis-used. Our ethical licensing policy ensures our customers’ activities align with our commitment to working in a fair and ethical way.

Read our ethical licensing policy

governance and ethics

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