Equality, diversity & inclusion (EDI)

The Cambridge Intelligence team

Safe, respectful & inclusive

For us, EDI isn’t a tick-box exercise. It’s a continual process of improvement, and we’re committed to its success.

We’re proud of our progress so far, but we know there’s more to do. That’s why our EDI group meets regularly to keep us heading in the right direction.

EDI is our culture

Everyone should feel that they can bring their whole self to work.

We believe that a trusting, respectful environment gives teams more freedom to innovate and succeed. We prioritize equality, embrace differences, and foster an inclusive environment in everything we do.

flexible working patterms

Flexible working patterns

We understand the importance of a healthy work/life fit, and the need to manage responsibilities outside work. If that means asking to change working patterns on a long-term basis, we’ll listen, offer support and make the process as easy as possible.

Our current hybrid working asks the team to spend one day a week in the office, but we’re flexible about how they manage that. There’s flexibility with the daily schedule too, with everyone given the freedom to manage their time in line with core hours.

The benefits of a healthy work/life fit

Zoe Moran

“With the option for home-working where needed, and no pressure to work overtime, I can divide my focus fairly between work and family.”

Zoë Moran, Software Developer
family-friendly policies

Family-friendly policies

Our family policies support the team through each stage of life.

We recognize the extra support our talented female staff need during maternity leave, so they receive full pay for an extended period. The non-birth giving parent gets enhanced paid leave too, so they can take additional time to support their families.

We also appreciate how devastating it is for those who suffer the tragic loss of a baby before, during or shortly after birth. Our paid pregnancy loss leave provides some financial relief as well as time away from work.

For unforeseen family issues, we offer dependent care leave and leave for domestic emergencies.

Nick Collings

“Everyone understands the importance of life outside work. Having that balance makes it much easier to enjoy work and stay motivated.”

Nick Collings, CTO
menopause support

Menopause support

Physical and psychological symptoms are extensive and varied, yet the stigma around menopause can make it harder to find treatment and support. With reports of long waiting lists for women seeking professional treatment, we increased our private medical insurance cover to include Bupa’s Menopause Plan.

The plan includes an appointment with a menopause-trained doctor, a personalized care plan which may include referrals to specialists, tests and prescriptions, and a follow up consultation. This is supported by a Menopause HealthLine, which is open 365 days a year.

We aim to support highly-skilled, experienced women who’ve spent years building their careers. We’re also starting an open conversation about something that’s been a taboo subject for too long.

Christian Miles

“The sustainable, thoughtful growth of Cambridge Intelligence has created a work culture that values all ideas and opinions.”

Christian Miles, VP of Sales

Mental health & wellbeing

We invest in the team’s mental wellbeing in different ways. Our Employee Access Program gives everyone 24/7 access to confidential support and professional advice, including counseling for themselves or family that live with them.

We provide Headspace app subscriptions as a company benefit to give the team access to guided meditations, mindfulness exercises and relaxation techniques. There’s also a team of mental health first aiders available to talk to in confidence, and signpost staff to professional resources.

Céline Ramond

“In many organizations, there isn’t a clear opportunity for career progression – you have to apply to other companies advertising the managerial role you want. Not here! I’m proud to lead a brilliant, supportive, hard-working team.”

Céline Ramond, Head of Customer Success
female representation

Female representation

We encourage everyone to enjoy career progression here, but we know there’s work to do to reach gender parity in managerial roles.

Through well-deserved, internal promotions, we saw a 20% increase in the number of women in management positions between 2023 and 2024.

Zavid Egbue

“I’m so thankful that I’m getting paid to do what I love. I came for the stimulating projects, development opportunities and flexibility of hybrid working. I’m staying for the awesome colleagues, accessible leadership – and the tasty team lunches!”

Zavid Egbue, Software Developer
equal access

Equal opportunities

We encourage job applications from every diverse background, minority group and demographic, and we’re proud that this is reflected in our team dynamic.

We also support the next generation of developers through our work experience program. This year marks the start of our collaboration with the Cambridge Academy of Science and Technology (CAST) to give all students the opportunity to sample what life’s like in a development team. The aim is to help young people develop the skills, attitudes and ambitions they need to succeed.

River Anderson

“I have a disability, and that means I get tired easily. Part-time working is very important to me, so I mentioned it up-front and it wasn’t a problem.”

River Anderson, Technical Author
neurodiverse team

Neurodiverse team

We see differences as something to be celebrated. Every individual is super smart and creative in their own way, and it’s their uniqueness that builds a varied, interesting and successful team.

Our workplace culture supports neurodiverse thinking, but there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to this. We listen, learn and make whatever adjustments people need to do their best work, which could be rethinking team communication methods, increased screen breaks or reducing exposure to sensory stimuli.

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