The benefits of a healthy work/life fit

There’s been a shift in attitudes towards wellbeing at work over the past few years. I’ve seen more and more companies opening up to the importance of improving happiness in the workplace. At Cambridge Intelligence, we understand the direct link between a healthy work/life fit and our employees’ wellbeing. We look at our people as individuals – one size does not fit all!

We always welcome discussions around flexible working, to help everyone build a successful career alongside a fulfilling personal life. I reached out to some colleagues to ask about their experiences of working part-time.

Zoe, software developer

Zoë, Software Developer

“I was already working part-time when I applied for this role, so continuing that was important for me. I had successful interviews with three different companies, but Cambridge Intelligence was the only one that could offer the flexibility I needed.

“Since then, discussing any changes to working hours with my manager has always been easy. I can spend extra time with my younger children, before they’re old enough to start school.

“I imagine that once they’re all at school I’ll change my schedule again! With the option for home-working where needed, and no pressure to work overtime, I can divide my focus fairly between work and family.”

River, technical author

River, Technical Author

“I have a disability, and that means I get tired easily. Part-time working is very important to me, so I mentioned it up-front and it wasn’t a problem.

“A four-day week lets me manage my energy levels better, and bring my best self to the office. I really appreciate the culture and flexibility here – it makes life easier and more enjoyable, in and outside work.”

Kevin, product manager

Kevin, Product Manager

“I was hired full-time, but went down to four days after returning from shared parental leave. The benefit of working part-time is that I get to spend an extra day with my two-year-old!

“We go swimming, pop to the library, and do some of the admin that would normally eat into our weekend together as a family. My team is very respectful of the divide between work time and work-free time.

“I don’t feel expected to check in on my non-working day, and people are careful to schedule key meetings so that part-time employees don’t get left out.”

Vickie, office manager

Vickie, Office Manager

“When I first joined the company, I worked three days a week. This suited me perfectly at the time, although I’ve since increased my hours for a trial period. Cambridge Intelligence has been nothing but supportive along the way.

“I feel that my wellbeing is valued here, and I know there’ll be an understanding conversation if I need to review my working hours again.

“I don’t work on Fridays at the moment – that’s when I make time for self-care and socializing. I can exercise, meet friends and spend time with family. This long weekend creates just the right balance for me, and has such a positive impact on my mental health.”

The positives of part-time

As you can see, there are different ways in which our people benefit from part-time work. For Zoe and Kevin, it allows them to spend quality time with their families. For River and Vickie, they’re able to focus on wellbeing. Our open attitude to part-time working lets us foster a culture of flexibility, supportiveness and openness – and we always make time for team socials, too.

Making the most of a sunny day with a picnic lunch

Full-time flexibility

We’re keen for those who work full-time to enjoy flexibility as well. That’s why we developed a hybrid working policy, so that people can choose to work from home for up to 80% of their working week, staying connected via the virtual office. Our HQ isn’t just a hive of collaboration – it’s the perfect place for a group activity, whether we’re sampling local food or getting creative.

Join us!

We’re committed to empowering our teams to flourish, both in and outside work. If you’d like to join us, we’d love to hear from you! Visit our careers page to find out about our latest vacancies.

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