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The growing threat of fraud and cyber attack means security is no longer just the concern of governments and law enforcement – it’s everyone’s responsibility.

We’re on a mission to take the powerful data visualization techniques to a wider audience, helping everyone to secure their systems and processes and make the world a safer place.

This page contains more details about our business, our corporate structure, governance, leadership and customers.

About us

Company background

Cambridge Intelligence was founded in 2011 by CEO Joe Parry. We’ve grown consistently and quickly since then, but we’re still a UK-based, privately-owned Cambridge startup success story registered in England and Wales (company number: 07625370).

Joe continues to majority own and run the business, with support from an experienced management team and board of directors. Our technical expertise runs right through the organization, from the CEO to the large and skilled software development team.

In 2014, we incorporated in the US to capitalize on the huge and rapidly-growing market opportunity in North America. Based in Lowell, MA, Cambridge Intelligence Inc looks after over 40% of our customers.

Our key facts

UK-based and privately-owned

Offices in Cambridge, UK and Lowell, USA

220+ customers, over 40% in US

Customers in 28 countries

Consistently profitable with 20-30% margin

Compound annual growth rate of 33%

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Meet the directors

Joe Parry
Founder & CEO

Joe has a long history of building data visualization tools for the intelligence industry. Before founding Cambridge Intelligence, he was Head of Research at i2 – a software company that produces visual intelligence and investigative analytics tools – now part of IBM.

Joe received his Ph.D. in Cosmology / General Relativity in 1994 from Cambridge University and was a member of Dr. Stephen Hawking’s research group.

Paola Cavallin
General Counsel

Paola has been managing the company’s legal activity since the company’s foundation, ensuring water-tight contracts and regulatory compliance.

She has extensive experience as a corporate lawyer in an IT and software licensing environment, including tenure at Clifford Chance and in-house counsel roles at Xhangling and Plextek Group.

She holds a degree in Jurisprudence from the University of Siena in Italy and an LLM degree from University College London.

Chris Howell
Finance Director

As a software developer turned chartered accountant, Chris brings a unique mix of expertise and experience to the board.

After graduating from Cambridge University with a Natural Sciences degree, he spent the first half of his career designing and building database systems.

He later gained his accounting qualifications at PwC, and has since worked at organizations ranging from the UK’s largest independent aerospace firm to an IoT device startup.

Meet the whole team

Our customers

We work with over 220 customers, in 28 countries, across 6 continents. They rely on our technology and expertise to make sense of their connected data.

Among them are national governments, multinational corporations, industry-leaders and innovative startups.

In a market where customers can consider open source options or off-the-shelf products, they choose our high-quality, cost-effective, long term solutions. Our products are renowned for quality, flexibility and performance. Paired with our unrivaled expertise, experience and service, our proposition wins out in competitive bids.

Meet our customers

Our market

According to a 2021 Gartner report, the graph technology market has huge growth potential.

More and more organizations are recognizing the untapped possibilities in the connected data they’re collecting, and we’re well placed to make the most of the increasing market opportunities.

The value to those working in cyber security, intelligence, compliance and fraud detection is well established and ever-increasing, but we already have customer growth in broader domains including healthcare, business intelligence and IT infrastructure.

How our technologies are used

Our financial performance

We’ve been profitable from year one, with a margin of 20-30%. Our business model is based on subscription software licensing, with an average contract length of just under 3 years. We consistently maintain high renewal rates from our loyal customer base. Our compound annual growth rate is around 33%.

Investment enquiries

Although we haven’t taken investment to date, we’re facing a huge market opportunity and may do so in the future.

If you’re evaluating investment opportunities, or want to understand more about our plans for the future, please get in touch.

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