Procurement FAQs

Some common license procurement and renewal questions

Learn about our procurement processes so you can purchase or renew your software license easily. If you have any questions which aren’t covered by this page, just get in touch. We’d be happy to help.

About our toolkits

We sell commercially-licensed developer toolkits for visualizing connections and networks in data.

KeyLines and ReGraph let developers quickly and easily build powerful and customized data visualization components. These components can then be rolled into existing applications and products, ready to be deployed anywhere.

Getting a license for our toolkits

We work hard to make the licensing process as fast, smooth and straightforward as possible.

I’m a new customer

To help your developers get started with our products, we offer free 21-day trial licenses. You can request a trial account here.

We start the trial with a quick online demo from one of our technical account managers (find yours here). They’ll get your developers started quickly and explain the resources available. If you decide to continue, they’ll also walk you through the rest of the licensing process.

I’m an existing customer

All of our customers have a dedicated customer success manager. They can help you with everything from buying additional licenses for new projects, to renewing licenses for existing projects.

Not sure who your account manager is? Contact

Our general licensing terms

Your software license terms depend on your specific requirements, so check your contract for details. You’ll find some of the general terms listed below.

Distribution and developer licenses

Each KeyLines or ReGraph license is essentially two licenses:

  • A support and development license – so your developers can access the KeyLines or ReGraph software development kit (SDK) and documentation.
  • A distribution license – so you can distribute your finished application to your users.

Together, these mean your developers can build their data visualization component and deploy it to your end users, either as a standalone tool or as part of another application.

The distribution license for both KeyLines and ReGraph is global, meaning your application can be deployed to users wherever they are in the world.

Per product licensing

Our toolkits are licensed on a per product basis. That means you’ll need one license for each product you add it to.

Subscription licensing

Our KeyLines and ReGraph licenses are usually sold on a subscription basis. The length of your subscription defines how long you can access the SDK site, download new releases and receive email support for.

A KeyLines or ReGraph license entitles you to all new versions of that product for the term of the license.

When your subscription ends, so too does your right to distribute our software. At the end of the subscription period, your KeyLines or ReGraph component will stop working.

Perpetual licensing

Perpetual distribution licenses are available in certain circumstances. Contact your account manager or customer success manager for more information.

Payment terms

Our standard payment terms are 30 days.

The end of your license term

What happens at the end of your license term depends on the type of license you have.

If you have a subscription license, your KeyLines or ReGraph component stops working at the end of your license term. You will no longer have access to the SDK site, to new releases or to our email support.

If you have a perpetual license, your KeyLines or ReGraph component continues to work beyond the end of your license term. However, you will no longer have access to the SDK site, to new releases or to our email support.

Your Customer Success Manager will contact you before the end of your contract to discuss renewing your license.

Support and maintenance

We pride ourselves on offering high quality and responsive developer support.

Developer support

We offer high quality and responsive email support for your developers. Our support team, formed of core product developers, answers queries during UK working hours (9am-5pm GMT, Monday to Friday on business days).

Our customers usually include the KeyLines or ReGraph component in an existing application and then test the entire product before release. For this reason, if there’s an issue with our software, it’s usually discovered well before the product is deployed to a mission critical/service affecting environment.

As our products are toolkits, and each deployment is customized to your requirements, we do not offer support to your end users.

Product warranty

As we release new versions of both our toolkits at regular intervals through the year, we limit KeyLines’ and ReGraph’s warranty periods to 180 days. This is double the typical warranty period for a software application.

In any event, our support team is there to respond promptly to your questions as you use the product and help identify and resolve any bugs in our toolkits in a timely fashion.

Breaking changes

As with any API, we do occasionally need to make breaking changes to our toolkits that could impact your own deployment. These can only happen once a year during a major (i.e. x.0) KeyLines or ReGraph release. We’ll email you with details and provide full documentation on our SDK.


We build our products with security in mind. They are used by some of the world’s most security-conscious organizations and businesses, including police forces, national governments and global banks.

A secure visualization solution

Our software is designed to be hosted on your own servers inside the corporate firewall. It is totally self-contained. It never ‘phones home’ and does not require an internet connection, or any connection outside your firewall.

With the addition of SSL encryption and HTTPS end-points, it can even be used for extranet or public deployments. If additional transport security is required for data content, this can be implemented by your custom JavaScript controller.

We can talk your developers through some security best practices if required.

About Cambridge Intelligence

KeyLines and ReGraph are made by us, Cambridge Intelligence. We’re a software company based in Cambridge, UK, and Boston, US.

Our background

Not long ago, hardly anyone could visualize connections in data. It required highly-trained analysts and complex specialist software. Only the most secure organizations, like intelligence agencies, could do it. However, the growing threat of fraud and cyber-attack now makes security everyone’s responsibility.

So, back in 2011, we set out to bring powerful data visualization techniques to a wider audience, to help organizations secure their systems and processes in the real – unclassified – world.

We now have two products: KeyLines, a graph visualization toolkit for JavaScript developers, and ReGraph, a graph visualization toolkit for React developers.

Learn about our history

Our people

We’re a growing team of world-class visualization experts, based in Cambridge, UK, and Boston, US. Meet the team

Our customers

From law enforcement to cyber security and fraud detection, we work with hundreds of organizations around the globe who need to understand connections in data. Every day, thousands of analysts rely on our technology to ‘join the dots’ and reveal hidden threats in their data. Learn about our customers

Our awards

Over the years, we’ve won high profile awards and accolades for our technology and innovation. These include the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, being named a Gartner Cool Vendor, and getting invited to TechUK’s Upscale program. See our awards

Any questions?

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