Cyber security data visualization

How to visualize your cyber threat intelligence as a graph

Cyber threat intelligence visualization

IP information, server logs, communications records: most cyber data is huge, automatically generated at millisecond levels of resolution. For many organizations, the result is terabytes of data and billions of alerts every day.

At that volume, it’s impossible to effectively review or triage every possible threat, even with the help of modern SIEM tools and security operations centers.

The result: alerts get missed, vulnerabilities are exploited and post-attack forensics lack insight.

Why cyber security visualization?

To overcome these scale and complexity challenges, cyber security analysts need powerful analysis and visualization tools. In particular, they need tools for graph visualization – the visualization of connections in data.

Our graph visualization software is often integrated into cyber security platforms, offering intuitive data views that lead to more effective cyber operations.

White Paper: Visualizing Cyber Threat intelligence

Based on the experiences of our customers, this white paper outlines additional use cases for graph visualization in the cyber security domain.

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Anomaly detection

Patterns and trends are interesting, but often cyber analysts need to find outliers. Visualizing large volumes of case data in one chart, we can easily uncover unusual patterns of activity that require further investigation.

cyber threat intelligence visualization - anomaly detection
Anomaly detection in cyber security data: analyzing user logins to an online portal to identify unusual patterns

Incident forensics

Visualization also helps with incident forensics. By analyzing log data, analysts can understand sequences of events that led up to an incident, helping to uncover previously unseen vulnerabilities.

cyber threat intelligence visualization - Devvo's application
Root cause analysis, powered by graph visualization, reveals what happened during an incident revealing insight into attack vectors, vulnerabilities, affected devices and scale of damage.

Threat detection and analysis

Understanding cyber threat intelligence is key to the cyber analyst’s job. They need to identify which threats exist, and how they could impact the organization.

There’s no shortage of intelligence available. The challenge is making sense of it and sharing the insight. That’s where graph visualization and timeline visualization is crucial.

Cyber threat intelligence is densely connected. Visualizing those connections as a graph uncovers the patterns, outliers, and anomalies in a way that reveals your threat landscape and the kinds of attacks you might face.

cyber threat intelligence visualization
Visualizing information about cyber attacks and data breaches.

Why work with us to visualize your cyber threat intelligence?

We’ve worked with businesses, governments and software vendors visualize cyber security data. Using our graph visualization technology, they’ve been able to:

  • Put analysts in the driving seat – build a custom network visualization web application that allows analysts to explore data at their own pace, and at their own scale.
  • Share data insight – our technologies work in any modern web browser on any device, including smartphones and tablets.
  • Harness powerful graph visualization functionality – including filtering, time-based analysis, geospatial visualization, social network analysis and node grouping.

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