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Cambridge Intelligence Webinars

Smarter Cyber Threat Intelligence with Graphs

As the volume and complexity of cyber security data grows, our ability to understand it diminishes. This webinar explains how you can use a combination of advanced graph technologies to carry out more useful analysis of cyber threats.The session showcases two technologies that help make complex analysis tasks easier: KeyLines and EclecticIQ.

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Graph visualization use cases: cyber security

Let's explore the role of graph visualization in helping cyber security analysts overcome the scale and complexity challenges of real-world cyber data.

Making sense of Cyber threats with graph technologies

This post explores how KeyLines graph visualization simplifies complex Malware networks, making post-attack forensics interactive, intuitive and insightful.

Logtrust: Democratizing real time big data

We'll explore how Logtrust empowers analysts to harness the connections in their big data, with the help of the KeyLines graph visualization toolkit.

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