Product update: Smoother and more insightful sequential views

The latest versions of KeyLines and ReGraph, our graph visualization SDKs, include two hotly-anticipated enhancements to keep your chart clear and insightful: we’ve brought curved link styles and sequential arrangement to open combos.

We’ve also made our sequential layout smoother and more adaptive, so it’s even better at handling dynamic data.

Organize tiered data with rectangular combos and sequential arrangements

A new way to see hierarchies in combos

Our sequential layout is the most advanced way to explore tiered data. It automatically places nodes in the best positions and is easily adaptable to your needs. The new sequential arrangement unlocks all of these advantages for combos, letting you drill down into the sub-hierarchies within groups of nodes and links.

We’ve also introduced a new space-saving option for both sequential layout and arrangement in charts where the levels are unevenly weighted due to differently sized combos.

A sequential charts with unevenly sized levels, laid out in a tidy flow
Where levels are unevenly sized, it’s now easier to optimize the use of available space

Smooth and adaptive sequential layout

Dynamic data can be hard to follow. Our latest sequential layout makes it easy, with smooth and consistent changes to help users keep track of even the fastest-moving datasets.

The chart adapts intuitively, helping the user keep track of incremental changes

Customize link shapes in open combos

Curved links are a popular design feature for directional layouts. You can now combine them with our new sequential arrangement, creating a clean, stylish and user-friendly way to visualize flow.

We’ve introduced a new customization option for link paths, so that you can enhance your chart with curved links inside open combos.

A sequential chart featuring stylish curved links within open combos
A sequential chart featuring stylish curved links within open combos

Stay ahead of the curve with advanced graph visualization

If you’re already using our toolkits, you can download the latest versions right now from the KeyLines or ReGraph SDK sites. And if you’re not already on board but you’d like to try out these features for yourself, now’s the time to sign up for a free trial!

A screen showing a hybrid graph and timeline visualization created using ReGraph and KronoGraph
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