The KeyLines Toolkit

KeyLines lets you build powerful network visualization applications to uncover hidden trends and relationships in complex connected data.

What is network visualization?

Connected data is all around us. It’s in financial transactions, communications records, IT networks and beyond.

The best way to understand it is to visualize it.

Applications built with KeyLines offer new ways to join the dots in your data and uncover valuable buried insights.

KeyLines use cases

KeyLines is

Keylines is

A powerful toolkit

Developers use KeyLines to build powerful custom network visualization applications.

Every aspect of your application can be tailored to suit you, your data and the questions you need to answer.

KeyLines’ Functionality


Technology for the whole team

We believe data visualization should not be restricted to the newest or most powerful machines.

KeyLines applications work on any device and in all common browsers, to reach everyone who needs to use them.

Support & Compatibility

A scalable, flexible solution

KeyLines is compatible with any IT environment, letting you deploy your network visualization application to an unlimited number of diverse users.

You can build a custom application that is scalable and easy to use.

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Our customers

Our customers span six continents. They range from pioneering startups to Fortune 500 companies and national governments:

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Why choose KeyLines?

   It’s faster

KeyLines cuts out development hours and resources spent building your own application from scratch, without compromising on specifications.

   It fits in

KeyLines works with any server and all common browsers. Dedicated support and detailed documentation helps your developers get started right away.

   It’s proven

The US Army, UK Government and Visa already trust KeyLines to work in the most challenging environments for tens of thousands of users.

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