The Features of KeyLines

With a few lines of code, you can incorporate any of the toolkit’s advanced functionality
into your network visualization application.


You can customize every element to suit your users, their data and the answers they need.

Select and deploy all the functionality your users need to find the right answers fast.

Design the interface and workflow to suit your users and the data they need.

Customize the appearance and branding of your application to integrate seamlessly into your environment.

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With some clever use of web technologies, KeyLines works on any device and in all common browsers – including many legacy browsers.

Don’t forget your users stuck on old browsers: KeyLines works in any browser back to Internet Explorer 9.

Access your visualization application from any device, from an old desktop to the latest iPhone.

Get hands-on with your data: enjoy full native touch and gesture support.

How compatible is KeyLines?

Automatic Layouts

Detangle your data and uncover the hidden structures with the help of precise automatic layouts.

Standard layout: The fastest way to get an overview of your data.

Hierarchical layout: Uncover the dependencies and network structures.

Structural layout: Find groups and communities in complex datasets.

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Node Combining & Grouping

Help users make sense of their complex data with an intuitive way to group and combine different nodes:

The simplest way for your users to cleanse dirty data and remove duplicate nodes.

Provide an intuitive way to represent gangs, cells or affiliations in your data.

More easily understand the connections between different groups.

How to use node grouping

Network Filtering

Easy to use filtering will help your users focus on the nodes and networks that really tell a story:

Filter complex networks to find the nodes and individuals that matter

Define your own filter logic to suit your data.

Make sense of vast networks by visualizing sub-networks in turn.

Filter your data

Social Network Analysis

Pinpoint the most important nodes in your data using a growing library of social network analysis (SNA) measures:

Find the key players with a SNA centrality measures.

Understand power and influence with path-finding capability.

Find communities with cluster detection algorithms.

Social network analysis

The Time Bar

The KeyLines Time Bar is a powerful tool to help you understand how your connected data evolves and behaves over time:

Track the behavior of your nodes and links through time.

Navigate through time and instantly select periods for inspection.

Watch nodes entering and leaving the network.

See your networks through time

Geospatial Networks

Uncover the geographic trends buried in your connected data using the KeyLines geospatial integration:

Choose your map design from huge range of supported providers and styles.

Transition seamlessly from a network view to the map view.

Integrate geospatial functionality with any other functionality in the KeyLines toolkit.

Uncover your geospatial graph trends

KeyLines comes in two Editions, Starter and Pro. Compare them here.

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