The virtual meetup

GraphQL, TypeScript and declarative application design

Thanks to everyone who joined our virtual meetup.

Recordings of the sessions are now available to watch below.

TypeScript: What’s in it for you?

TypeScript: what’s in it for you?

Considering a move to TypeScript? This talk will help you get started.

With hands-on examples, Harpreet will explore the pros, cons, and practicalities, including framework integration and how to start migrating.

GraphQL: resolving the hype

GraphQL: resolving the hype

Dive into the world of GraphQL – the efficient query language for APIs. When should you use it and what are the true benefits?

Christian will separate the hype from reality, and give a few handy tips along the way.

It’s the data, stupid: state-driven design

It’s the data, stupid: state-driven design

Based on his experience as our product manager for the ReGraph toolkit, Kevin will show how state-driven app design helps both developers and analysts focus on the data.

Building a data visualization in real-time

Building a data visualization in real-time

In a live-coding session, Corey will design and build a data visualization application in real-time, based on survey data supplied by the audience.

What could go wrong?

Followed by the session Q&A

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