KronoGraph features

Timelines that drive investigations

Lens view of timelines

Intuitive navigation

See your entire dataset in one visualization, then scroll smoothly through each timeline to find the events that demand further investigation.

Add context to your timelines

Add context

Investigators need to understand the context of their data. Help them generate richer insight with annotations, labels, glyphs, font icons, tooltips and highlighting.

Bring timelines to life

Bring timelines to life

Track events from milliseconds to millennia. KronoGraph scales smoothly through time, so users can track events at every level of resolution.

Filtering the credit card demo

Filter out noise

Find the events that reveal your data’s story. Apply flexible filters to data properties to uncover the events and connections your users need to understand.

find patterns of behavior

Find patterns of behavior

Discover cliques, groups and clusters in your data. Carry out pattern of life analysis by wrapping data to a specific timescale to reveal regular behaviors.

A new graph dimension

A new graph dimension

Extend your graph visualizations. KronoGraph integrates seamlessly with our graph visualization toolkits, so users can explore data in a completely new way.

Custom look and feel

Custom look & feel

Build a timeline visualization that looks great and matches your application’s style. Customize every element – from color palette to label styling.

Focus on events

Focus on events

Drill down into key items of interest. Quickly identify and investigate specific events and how they’re connected with smooth panning and zooming.

Code your way

Code your way

Every application is unique. KronoGraph is a JavaScript toolkit that fits with any web stack or framework, including React and TypeScript.

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