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Sistemi & Automazione is our trusted partner and leading Italian systems integrator in the information analysis and intelligence space. On this page you can learn more about S&A, their products, services and expertise.

About Sistemi

Sistemi & Automazione is the leading Italian company in the design and implementation of systems for information analysis and intelligence.

Since 1995, they have introduced visual link analysis methodologies to both Italy and more widely, building a reputation for their unique expertise throughout Europe.

They work side-by-side with police forces and security agencies on a variety of solutions, supporting and enhancing investigative activity and information analysis. Their custom, cutting-edge solutions address the same challenge: to enable customers to research, analyze and connect data, streamlining performance and improving operational activities.

They were also the first providers to take visual link analysis methods from the security sector, into the business environment.

Communications analysis

Sistemi & Automazione’s solutions include Tetras, a market-leading platform for analysing phone and text records, and related information (e.g. subscriber details, geographic data, movement information, etc). Alongside Tetras, SmartProbe enables the exploration of data extracted from smartphones (e.g. contacts, multimedia files, chat and text messages, etc).

Sistemi & Automazione's Tetras product
Sistemi & Automazione’s Polaris product

Risk analysis & decision making

Sistemi & Automazione’s solutions and products also support risk assessment and decision making, helping with tasks including anti-fraud, anti-money laundering, supplier compliance, procurement and subcontracting.

Visual Company Analyzer and Polaris allow users to simultaneously access data from different sources, connecting the results of queries for visualization as network graphs.

Sistemi & Automazione's Polaris product
Sistemi & Automazione’s Polaris product

In the area of Social Media Analysis, Sistemi & Automazione have developed tools for feeding social media content into the intelligence cycle. These include FaceLink ++, for Facebook, and OctoWord, for Telegram Messenger:

Sistemi & Automazione's Octoword's product
Sistemi & Automazione’s Octoword’s product

All of Sistemi’s work is based on the fundamental assumption that while products and software solutions can be powerful tools, investigations are driven by people, their intelligence, intuition and experience. They work in constant contact with our customers and their users, inspiring innovation and knowledge sharing.

Training and consulting

This customer-centric approach extends to a range of services, including consulting, training and helpdesk assistance. This support, delivered in real time to respond to every need, helps provide their customers with skills, competitiveness and the ability to adapt to new challenges.

To learn more, visit Sistemi & Automazione’s website.

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