Bloor Research reviews KeyLines

23rd July, 2018

Choosing the right graph visualization partner is a big decision that requires careful research. Are you certain they have the best technology for your project? Do you understand their strengths, weaknesses and background? Do they have the right team and expertise for your use case?

There are a lot of answers out there, but which ones should you trust? The hard part is trying to separate fact from fiction.

Independent research by analysts can help you make important decisions with confidence. A neutral introduction means you don’t have to just take the vendor’s word for it.

Bloor Research recently published an InBrief report about Cambridge Intelligence, giving an objective overview that covers all aspects of what we do. It’s a helpful introduction to our products and services, based on a deep understanding of the data visualization industry.

The summary, written by Bloor’s Research Director for Information Management, Phillip Howard, covers our company, team and product.

You can see how well they rated us against decision criteria including ease of use, deployment options, performance and functionality.

To read what Bloor had to say, download the report below.

“We like KeyLines. It does all the complicated stuff that you would expect, but it is its efforts to make graph analysis and visualisation simple that we particularly like.”
– Philip Howard, Bloor Research

Download the report

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