Cambridge Intelligence Leads Visualization Masterclass at NoSQL Now

9th July, 2015

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Next month Cambridge Intelligence will deliver a developer masterclass on techniques for visualizing complex connected data at the NoSQL Now! show in San Jose, California.

This will be the third year running that the Cambridge-based firm has been invited to take part in the show, which is the world’s largest vendor-neutral forum focused on NoSQL technologies.

The three-hour session, geared towards an intermediate / technical audience, will cover the different approaches and techniques for visualizing connected data (often called ‘graph data’) as well as a summary of the tools available.

Cambridge Intelligence’s US Manager, Corey Lanum, will be delivering the class:

“Graph analysis is no longer an obscure academic exercise. More and more companies are becoming aware of the opportunities inside their complex connected ‘graph’ data, and they are turning to visualization technologies to make it accessible to their non-technical colleagues.

My class will give developers tasked with sourcing a graph visualization solution the information they need to make the best decision.”

The class will start with an introduction to different graph visualization techniques, followed by an overview of the tools currently available. Finally it will discuss ways of visualizing dynamic and geospatial graphs, looking at how we can move away from just the ‘who, why, how’ and start thinking about the ‘where’ and ‘when’.

Corey’s talk begins at 08.30am on August 20, 2015.

Registration for NoSQL Now! 2015 is open. Early bird tickets are available until 17 July:

Quote ‘LANUM’ for a 20% discount!

About NoSQL Now!

The fifth annual NoSQL Now! Conference is the largest vendor-neutral forum focused on NoSQL (Not Only SQL) technologies. It is taking place at the San Jose Convention Centre from 18-20 August 2015.

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