Software Development Manager

Who is Cambridge Intelligence?

We’re a team of data visualization experts. We help organizations to make an intelligent visual analysis of their data to ‘join the dots’ within it and uncover hidden threats.

Using our data visualization tools, it’s quick and easy to build powerful data visualization applications, roll them into analysts’ tools and workflows, and deploy them anywhere in the world.

What’s the role about?

In this role you’ll manage 5-8 people. You’ll be responsible for facilitating collaboration amongst team members, and coordinating with the Head of Development on a variety of team issues.

The core responsibilities include:

  • Team Management – ensuring that team members are well utilised, performing to the best of their ability and that they have opportunities for growth and development.
  • Sprint Management – facilitating, unblocking, and enabling team members to deliver on sprint objectives
  • Team Metrics – Analysing team metrics for insights and finding opportunities for continuous improvement

Who’s the ideal candidate?

You’ll probably have 3-5 years’ experience in a management or team lead role, working within the Agile methodology. Ideally, you’ll have familiarity with web technologies and JavaScript. To fit in well with the team and business, you’ll need to be a team player, who is enthusiastic about problem solving, and has a helpful and humble approach to management.


  • Technical competence – an understanding of code architecture and web development
  • Excellent communicator – facilitating and coordinating shared vision among their team
  • People management – a good understanding of individual drivers and how to direct them
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills

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“I try to break things. What could be more fun than that? As a tester, it’s great helping to get the latest visualization techniques get integrated smoothly into our toolkits.”

– Roger Murby, Test Engineer

Why join the team?

  • Interesting and challenging work
    We’re driven by a desire to solve difficult problems. We grow our skills with pioneering work in everything from technical engineering to visual design.

  • Make an important impact
    You’ll be trusted by your team to make significant contributions early on. You’ll be involved in projects that are key to the success and growth of our young company.

  • Development opportunities
    The best way to succeed is to invest in our people. We prioritize personal development, set ambitious goals and provide opportunities to learn on the job from your talented colleagues.

  • Innovation
    We encourage inventiveness. Everyone contributes to the success of the business: from building and promoting the product to supporting the team and driving customer success.