Head of Partnerships

Full-time and permanent
Hybrid working, with 1 day a week in our central Cambridge office

Are you a skilled and experienced software partner manager?

As head of partnerships at Cambridge Intelligence, you’ll build a partner network that drives business growth. This is an exciting opportunity to join an established and category-leading company in an expanding market.

What’s involved?

You’ll build our indirect market access through a set of strategically-aligned partners.

We mostly work directly with our customers but want to grow our network of strategic partners to expand our commercial reach. It’ll be your job to boost this area of our business, by identifying and managing productive relationships with regional and international partners, solution and integration partners, and technology partners.

Who’s the ideal candidate?

You’ll need extensive experience in partner management or senior business development, ideally in a company selling technical products to a technical audience.

You’ll have a talent for identifying and managing partnerships to drive market penetration and ultimately revenue growth. You should also be a natural negotiator, able to build rapport and influence stakeholders at all levels.

You might also have

  • A strong understanding of software product development, APIs, and integration technologies.
  • An additional language to English, to communicate effectively with our growing European customer base.

Who you’ll work with

You’ll work alongside our established marketing and sales team to proactively generate opportunities with net new businesses.

Opportunities to grow

Everyone here gets funded professional development time, with up to five days each year allocated to learning – whether that’s learning new skills and strategies, attending events and conferences related to your role, or anything else you’d like to improve.

Be yourself

We want to build a fair, respectful and welcoming company, where everyone feels at home. That means taking a long-term approach to equality, diversity and inclusion – not treating it as a tickbox exercise.

With the help of our EDI group, we’re working to make every aspect of the business – including recruitment – fair, respectful and inclusive.

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Ready to apply?

We’d love to hear from you! We just need your CV and a cover letter.

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What happens next?

When you apply, if we agree that you seem a good fit, we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to get the ball rolling.

Our recruitment process varies by role, but we usually follow four steps to get to know you better.

  • telephone interview

    1. Phone interview

    • Duration: 30 minutes
    • With: our talent manager
    • To check: you’re right for the role
    • Preparation needed: review your your CV, re-read this job advert, and have a look around our website more generally.

    This is an informal conversation to make sure we’re not wasting your time.

    We’ll check if you have the right experience for the role and give you a chance to talk up your skills and achievements. We’ll also discuss your reasons for wanting to join our team.

  • telephone interview

    2. Video call

    • Duration: 30 minutes
    • With: Kaush, our chief revenue officer
    • To check: you’ve got the right skills for the role
    • Preparation needed: none

    This is a more specific conversation with our chief revenue officer. He’ll want to learn about your relevant experience and successes, and the vision you’ll bring to this position.

    It’s also a great opportunity to ask role-related questions of your own.

  • panel interview

    3. Panel interview

    • Duration: about 60-75 minutes
    • With: our CRO, VP of Sales and Head of Customer Success
    • To check: your experience, knowledge and skills, and how you approach a challenge
    • Preparation needed: we’ll ask you to prepare a short presentation, explaining how you’d approach a typical challenge in this role

    This is a chance to meet some of your future teammates and share your expertise!

    We’ll ask about your experience and achievements, how you prefer to work, and what your professional development priorities might be. We’ll also assess cultural fit – to understand whether you’ll thrive in our team.

    Preparation is key here. We love it when candidates bring examples from recent roles and questions for us.

  • telephone interview

    4. Last chat

    • Duration: 30 minutes
    • With: Bryan, our CEO
    • To check: your motivations and aspirations
    • Preparation needed: none

    At this final step, Bryan will be interested to hear about your motivations for joining us, what you know about us and what you’ll bring to the team.

Don’t forget: it’s a two way thing

Ask questions, share any concerns and let us know if we’re unclear. We don’t do trick questions, and won’t aim to confuse you.

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