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4th September, 2017

CDVC logoWe’re excited to launch the Connected Data Visualization Consortium – or CDVC – a group dedicated to the future of network visualization.

Over the last six years we’ve worked with hundreds of organizations, and thousands of visualization experts all over the world. The CDVC will create a community so members can meet their peers and share their experiences. We’ll explore the challenges that come with designing, building and deploying new tools, and try to understand the future of connected data visualization.

We’ll meet twice a year for member presentations and practical workshops, along with informal discussions and networking. Our first meeting is in London on October 10 2017 for a select group of 25 CDVC members.

We already have key organizations attending, including the UK Home Office, the Financial Conduct Authority, Capita, EclecticIQ and Guardicore.

Want to join us? Learn more about CDVC, and secure your place, at

About the CDVC

The CDVC, co-ordinated by Cambridge Intelligence, is a group of industry-leading organizations that use visualization tools to find unusual behaviors in complex connected data. We create innovative technologies that:

  • Investigate criminal activity
  • Uncover unusual financial transactions
  • Analyze IT or telecommunications network traffic or dependencies
  • Track the source and spread of cyber threat

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