Introducing KeyLines Geospatial

30th April, 2015

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Last summer saw the launch of the KeyLines Time Bar, unlocking a whole new dimension to your users connected data visualization.

Today, we’re proud to announce KeyLines 2.7.1 – including another major enhancement to KeyLines to take your data analysis to the next level: KeyLines Geospatial.

KeyLines Geospatial - map network transition - condensed

See your graph data on maps

With our new mapping integration, you can provide your users with an intuitive way to view their geospatial graph data, without losing sight of the connections. Switch seamlessly from a conventional KeyLines chart to Map Mode, and zoom to the granular level of detail you need:

KeyLines Geospatial zoom

Integrate KeyLines Geospatial with other KeyLines functionality, including the time bar, filters and social network analysis, to provide the powerful graph visualization tool your users demand:

KeyLines geospatial filters

We need your input!

KeyLines Geospatial is currently an Alpha component, and we need your input to put it into Beta. Take a look at the API and two new demos in the KeyLines SDK (Demos > Maps) and let us know your thoughts:

Other improvements in v2.7.1

  • Radial layout – we’ve worked to improve the stability of the radial layout – so nodes will move around less when it is re-applied.
  • Link behavior – we’ve made minor changes to the way links behave, making their default behavior more user friendly.
  • API Changes – we’ve added a new parameter to chart.filter, giving details of the items shown and hidden, and added a new touchdown event for the time bar.
  • Hand Mode – we have altered the implementation of hand mode. In previous versions of KeyLines, dragging the background to pan around the chart would have cleared the chart selection. Now you can choose whether you would like this behavior or not. See the Change Log for details.
  • Documentation improvements – we have improved the clarity of documentation throughout the SDK, including a significant enhancement to the Neo4j demo to make it easier to get started with a new project.
  • Minor amendments – we’ve applied a number of performance enhancements and bug fixes. See the Change Log for details.

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