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Cambridge Intelligence Webinars

KeyLines 5.0 – Geospatial graph insight without limits

Whether you’re investigating fraud rings, managing infrastructure or trying to uncover crime patterns, you’ll find a wealth of insight buried in your geospatial connected data. By the end of this webinar, you’ll have a new perspective on combining maps and images with graphs, and how the technique can bring fresh insight to a huge range of use cases.

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Adaptive graphs and flow visualization - June updates

Our toolkit updates for June include adaptive graph styling, showing flow on links, and the organic layout moving to its beta development phase.

How WebGL powers the best user experience

Let's focus on WebGL - what it is, how it works, and why performance is a key contributor to one of the most important goals of your application design: good user experience.

KeyLines 5.3: Faster performance & simplified code

Version 5.3 delivers the fastest KeyLines yet, thanks to major improvements to our WebGL rendering performance. We’ve also revised our Vue framework offerings, and created a new anti-fraud demo.

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