KronoGraph update: new timeline scale wrapping

We’re proud to announce that version 1.1 of KronoGraph, our interactive timeline visualization tool, is available to download. It comes with a very special feature for exploring patterns of behavior by wrapping data in different timeline scales, along with fully-documented examples to get you started quickly.

Timeline scale wrapping reveals behavioral insights

For investigators to recognize anomalies in their time-based data, they first need to understand what a typical pattern of activity looks like. Pattern of life analysis is a powerful technique used by intelligence agencies worldwide.

KronoGraph’s timeline scale wrapping feature is a fully-interactive way to uncover familiar event sequences that might otherwise go unnoticed.

A KronoGraph timeline scale wrapping visualization showing weekly emails sent by an organization
KronoGraph’s high-level heatmap view of different types of emails sent from an organization (fictitious data). With the timeline scale set to monthly, clear and regular patterns emerge that help to direct further investigation.
KronoGraph white paper
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Set your timeline to scale wrap however you want

Investigators summarize their data over a specific period – a day, a week, a month, etc. – to understand what ‘typical’ activity looks like. KronoGraph wraps the chosen duration in the selected timeline scale, making clear how activities are distributed and revealing hidden patterns at a glance.

A KronoGraph timeline scale wrapping visualization showing monthly emails sent by an organization
KronoGraph’s weekly view of email communications reveals which days typically see the most sent traffic

Match intuitive investigative workflows

Once the data at a certain timeline scale has been explored, users instinctively want to look at the data on other scales to build up a more detailed pattern of activities. There’s no need to scroll to the time period you want: KronoGraph automatically filters and fits the timeline data to the screen.

A KronoGraph timeline scale wrapping visualization showing daily emails sent by an organization
With the timeline scale wrapping set to daily, KronoGraph shows which hours are covered by each support team

New showcase demo: Pattern of Life Analysis

The best way to get up to speed with scale wrapping is to try it for yourself. We’ve created a brand new demo to showcase how to discover patterns in a dataset of company emails. Use timeline scale wrapping to find out when the CEO usually starts emailing, and which employees send messages at unusual hours.

Pattern of life analysis, powered by the KronoGraph timeline visualization toolkit
Pattern of life analysis, powered by the KronoGraph timeline visualization toolkit

Ready to add scale wrapping to your timeline visualization application? Follow the dedicated story, complete with example code, to get started fast. There’s also detailed developer documentation including updates to the KronoGraph API library.

Discover KronoGraph 1.1

To help your timeline application users carry out pattern of life analysis, simply download the latest version of KronoGraph.

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