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Our Cookie Policy

Like most websites, we use cookies and similar technologies to understand how our website is used and to give our customers and visitors the best possible experience. In this policy, we’ll explain this in more detail, including what cookies and similar technologies are and how we use them, so you can decide if you’re happy to accept them.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a simple file that gets downloaded to your device (i.e. your computer, phone or tablet) when you access a website. A cookie is not software – it’s just a text file. Usually the text file contains:

  • the name of the website
  • an ID that’s unique to you

That text file makes it possible for the website to recognize you during your visit, when you return and, in some cases, as you navigate other websites. That information helps us understand how our websites are used, how we can improve, and gives us an opportunity to share advertising with you.

There are two kinds of cookies:

  • Session cookies – these expire when you leave the website and close the browser. They save your preferences to ensure the website works as you expect.
  • Persistent cookies – these remain on your device after you close the browser, and self-delete after a certain period of time. They help us understand user behavior and deliver targeted advertising (in the form of banner ads) to those visitors we believe are interested in our products.

Which cookies are used on our websites?

Our sites use different cookies, partly depending on how you use them. Here’s a list of the categories of cookie you may encounter on our websites:

Type Purpose Example file names

Necessary cookies

These are cookies required for our website to run securely, or to control the essential functionality of our website.

This site may not work correctly or securely if you block these cookies.

SIDCC; CookieControl; CONSENT; hs_ab_test; hs-messages-is-open; hs-messages-hide-welcome-message; __hsmem; _gaexp

3rd Party cookies

These are cookies set by 3rd party services, for example Google, YouTube or Vimeo, that may be set on your device if you are logged into those services whilst visiting our site.

This site will function without these cookies, but you may find some embedded 3rd party functionality, like YouTube videos, will not.


Analytics cookies

These are cookies that help us understand how visitors use our website in aggregate. They do not allow us to identify specific users individually.

This site will function without these cookies, but blocking them will make it harder for us to understand what content is useful to our visitors.

_ga; _gac; _gat; _gid; _pk_id; _pk_ses

Marketing cookies

These are cookies that help us to communicate relevant and timely information to you, either via display adverts on other websites, or in email communications if you choose to opt-in to marketing.

They may be set by one of our advertising suppliers, such as Google Adwords, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads (LinkedIn Insights tag) or Twitter Ads, or our marketing automation partner, Hubspot.

This website will function as normal without these cookies, but we will be less able to communicate more relevant and timely information to you.

To opt out of advertising platforms:

Opt-out of customized Google Display Network ads.

Opt-out of personalized Microsoft Advertising.

Opt-out of LinkedIn Insights tag.

MUID; MUIDB; 1P_JAR; ANID; DSID; IDE; _gcl_au; _gcl_aw; cto_lwid; gclid; Conversion; DV; __hstc; hubspotutk; __hssc; __hssrc; messagesUtk

LinkedIn Insights tag: BizoID; BizoData; BizoUserMatchHistory; BizoNetworkPartnerIndex; UserMatchHistory; U; Li_sugr

In addition to the non-essential cookies listed above, the KeyLines, ReGraph and KronoGraph SDK sites set some essential cookies that are required for the site to function:

  • KeyLines – the accounts server used by the SDK websites sets persistent cookies. A session key stored in these persistent cookies tells us whether or not you are logged in to your KeyLines account. We use your login credentials (email address and password) for authentication only – these details are not stored in cookies. We also load cookies from our hosting provider, AWS, to ensure consistent and fast user experience.
  • ReGraph and KronoGraph – we use a number of 3rd party authenticators to manage account login functionality for the ReGraph and KronoGraph SDK sites – currently Google, Github and Gitlab. Depending on which you decide to use, a number of persistent cookies will be stored on your device. KronoGraph also sets a session cookie to remember if the user is viewing the JavaScript or React version.

How can I block cookies?

Our cookie preference center makes it simple for you to select which categories of Cookies you are happy for our website to place on your device.

You can access our cookie preference center by clicking the blue triangular icon on the bottom left-hand side of your screen.

Similar technologies we use for newsletters/email analytics

Alongside Cookies, we sometimes use similar technologies to understand how visitors interact with our email marketing.

  • Tracking pixels – our newsletters, marketing emails and some individual sales emails contain a pixel-sized image known as a tracking pixel. When this image is ‘opened’ in an email, some information, including the time at which the newsletters/emails are opened by you, the email client you are using and the links you click in the email, is collected and used to help us evaluate the effectiveness of our communications and marketing campaigns.
  • Personalised URLs – some emails you receive from us may contain personalised URLs. This means they contain a unique set of numbers and letters that tie your website behavior to specific email campaigns, helping us to evaluate the effectiveness of our communications and marketing campaigns.

If you do not want your newsletters/emails to be tracked in this way, you can disable automated image loading in your email client.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about how our websites use cookies or any similar technology, feel free to get in touch.

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