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Cambridge Intelligence Webinars

Visualizing Graph Databases

Watch a recording of our Google Hangout webinar on the topic of visualizing graph databases. Hosted by visualization expert Corey Lanum, this 30 minute video explains how graph databases work and how our toolkits can help you use them to derive value.Suitable for a technical and non-technical audience.

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Solving distributed graph problems with DataStax

We caught up with Denise Gosnell, Senior Manager and Head of Global Graph Practice at DataStax, to talk about graph challenges, graph visualization, and what the future holds.

A night at the Oscars with KeyLines and Stardog

This blog post shows how quick and easy it is to integrate Stardog with KeyLines using Academy Awards data.

Visualizing TED Talks data with Memgraph

Find out how to integrate the KeyLines graph visualization toolkit with the Memgraph database, our latest technology alliance partner.

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