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We are Cambridge Intelligence

We are Cambridge Intelligence

We help organizations uncover new insights in their connected data.

Customers around the world are building their own network visualization applications using our unique KeyLines JavaScript toolkit.

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KeyLines is



Interact with your data using powerful visualization and analysis technology.


Build a custom application with your own branding and feature sets.


KeyLines plugs into your existing systems without expensive integration.


Lighten your developers’ workload and get to market sooner.

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Connected data is everywhere

You can find connected data all around you. By visualizing this data, you will uncover the unusual connections and hidden patterns your business needs to understand.

Fraud detection

Combatting fraudulent activity requires excellent data analysis. With the help of our network visualization know-how, you can reimagine the way you use your existing data.

Security & Intelligence

Understanding communications patterns is key to preventing crime in the 21st century. We help you filter out the noise and find the people and events you need to focus on.

Cyber security

Cyber security data is vast, complex and highly connected. Visualizing this data makes it accessible to the analysts who need to understand it.

Uses for network visualization

Our customers

Our customers span six continents. They range from pioneering startups to Fortune 500 companies and national governments:

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