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Bring your connected data to life

Uncover insight, understand threat

We build graph visualization technologies that make the world safer.

They help law enforcement, cyber security and fraud detection analysts ‘join the dots’ in their data and uncover hidden threats.

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Graph visualization for JavaScript developers

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Graph visualization for React developers

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Our customers

We work with pioneering startups, Fortune 500 companies, national governments and more.

Meet our customers

Connected data is all around you

Bring your connected data to life by visualizing it.

Fraud detection

Discover new ways to find insight, make sense of connections in your data and help combat fraud.

Security & Intelligence

Understand communications patterns, filter out noise and focus on key data to help prevent crime.

Cyber security

Give analysts the tools to visualize and understand vast, complex, highly-connected cyber security data.

Graph visualization use cases

Why graph visualization?

The world is densely connected. If there’s an interesting relationship in your data, you’ll find value in graph visualization.

Intuitive graph visualization

It’s intuitive

Exploring graphs as node-link structures instantly makes sense, even to people who’ve never worked with connected data before.

Fast graph visualization

It’s fast

Our brains are great at spotting patterns, but only when the info is in a tangible format. Graph visualization helps you identify trends and outliers quickly.

Scalable graph visualization

It’s scalable

Graph visualization lets you simplify complexity, see context and understand detail. With one chart, you can get an overview or dive into specific connections.

Insightful graph visualization

It’s insightful

Through interactive data analysis, you gain deeper knowledge and understand context. That’s hard to achieve with a static, aggregated visualization.

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