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New Business

The best things about being in the New Business Team

New Business Team You have to think on your feet

There’s no standard pitch for KeyLines. Its versatility means work is always intriguing, and requires a technical mind.

Interesting use cases

KeyLines can solve many problems for a variety of use cases. Customers respect our ability to understand their unique requirements.

We’re Team Awesome for a reason

We’re motivated by achievements and are all driven to win. We’re a healthy mix of fun and professionalism and enjoy celebrating shared success.

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The best things about being in the Development Team

Development Team Interesting, challenging work

We love solving complex challenges – from technical engineering to visual design. There are opportunities to grow our skills with pioneering work every day.


One day we’re inventing new features. Next day we’re trying emerging technologies. On Fridays we down tools and experiment with our own ideas.


Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. Building great products is a real team effort and we help each other out all the time.

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The best things about being in the Marketing Team

Marketing Team A friendly welcome

We’re a friendly, sociable and collaborative team. We’re all specialists in our own distinct roles, but we work closely together on projects and have shared goals.

Fantastic product, brilliant people

We work in a unique and emerging market, selling a leading product, built by brilliantly clever people. That makes our lives a lot easier.

Marketing matters

Our contribution is deeply valued and we’re trusted by the business. We’re proud of the work we do and enjoy creating honest and engaging campaigns.

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Customer Success

The best things about being in the Customer Success Team

Customer Success Team We make our customers happy

Our mission is in our name. Our knowledge and technical skills help our customers succeed. We help them solve challenges and put the success of their projects first.

Solving real world problems

We help customers with a broad range of complex applications. From detecting fraud to analyzing threats, the work we do with our customers has a real impact.

No one size fits all

Our approach is tailored to each project’s needs but the result is always the same – a successful customer.

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The best things about being in the Finance Team

Finance Team Supporting growth

We’re a core part of the business and go beyond just looking at the numbers. We’re focused on helping the company function well and stay profitable.

Excellent service

We work in an ever-changing environment, inspiring us to find ways to improve, be more efficient and improve what we do.

Personal development

We’re energized by the company’s growth. It helps us build our skills and advance our careers.

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The best things about being in the Operations Team

Operations Team The heart of the business

We have a wide array of specialties, so we get exposure to the whole business, working with every team on varied and exciting projects.

Never a dull moment

Whether we’re searching for new talent to join our team, refining legal documents or overseeing the office refurbishment, there’s never a dull moment on our team.

We’ve got your back

We’re supportive and reliable, and we’re proud of our excellent service. Our efficiency ensures the business runs effectively and inspires confidence in our colleagues.

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