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Cambridge Intelligence Webinars

Fighting Fraud with Graph Databases

We’ll look at how a combination of the DataStax Enterprise Graph and KeyLines can help organizations meet the challenges of modern fraud detection.We’ll cover:

  • How companies are fighting fraud using graph technologies
  • The tools, workflows and techniques needed to drive fraud detection
  • A visual approach to transforming data from DSE Graph into fraud intelligence

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Detect credit card fraud with network visualization

In this post we demonstrate why network visualization should be part of your fraud detection workflow. We show how integrating KeyLines can help you make sense of large and complex fraud datasets.

Graph visualization use cases: Law and fraud

In the first of three blog posts, we explore the real world applications for graph visualization starting with law enforcement and fraud management.

Enterprise Fraud Management: Investigation v Detection

All fraud management functions rely on investigation and detection. Let's see how we can also use powerful graph visualization tools to build a robust fraud process.

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