Adaptive graphs and flow visualization – June updates

13th June, 2019

We’ve been busy working on some fresh features for our toolkits. Read on for a sneak peek of what’s new for June 2019, and how to get started.

Smart styling for your biggest graphs

Visualizing graphs at scale can be challenging. As graphs grow larger and denser, links can clutter charts, making them harder to read. Our new adaptive styling makes it easier to see your data connections, even in huge datasets.

Chart elements are adapted as the user zooms, resulting in a clearer visualization

Adaptive styling adjusts the graph as the user zooms, removing, adding, shrinking and enlarging details. The result is less chart clutter and a clearer visualization at any zoom level.

Show flow on links

When visualizing directed graphs, users often want to see the flow of traffic in a network. Our new link style makes that really clear:

Showing flow on links

Flow is in alpha, so it’s not quite ready for deployment yet. But give it a try and let us know how you get on.

The organic layout is ready to ship

We’re really proud of our new organic layout. Thanks to your feedback, we can announce that it’s now stable and ready for production.

The layout has some new options too, so you can customize it in the same way as our other layouts.

Bug fixes and updates

We’ve added a few new demos, bug fixes, and enhancements too. These should make your lives easier, and your graph visualization even more reliable. Check out the SDK release notes for details.

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