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We’re excited to announce KeyLines 3.4 – the latest version of our network visualization toolkit. It includes new features and improvements that will accelerate the developer and analyst experience.

Introducing Donuts 🍩

Graphs are great for quickly getting a sense of network structure, but sometimes you need to convey data values quickly too. KeyLines new donuts feature allows you to display relative data values as node borders:

KeyLines donuts - fraud networkKeyLines donuts - stylesKeyLines donuts - email network
Understand data volumes at a glance using KeyLines donuts

These colorful new additions provide a great ‘at a glance’ understanding of data volumes, without overloading the chart with glyphs or labels.

Donuts are entirely customizable – you can select how many segments you want, choose color palettes, set segment and border widths, add tooltips and more.

TypeScript Support

We know many of you use TypeScript code, so we’ve added support for this. It means you can take advantage of key features including strong typing, context sensitive documentation and IntelliSense.

TypeScript in KeyLines
Writing code in KeyLines with TypeScript

KeyLines now comes with detailed type definitions that you can include in your TypeScript project which makes coding in TypeScript much easier.

See the SDK documentation for full detail.

Angular Support

We’re pleased to announce support for the latest Angular platform with our Angular component.

Angular is the official name of the latest web application platform from the team that built AngularJS 1.x. The two platforms are not the same – Angular is a complete rewrite of AngularJS.

You’ll find a new demo in the KeyLines SDK to help you get started.

IBM Graph

KeyLines has been designed to work with the widest range of different data sources, from your oldest relational database to the latest graph store. Our SDK site features working examples of the most popular options, now including IBM Graph – a fully-hosted graph database.

Note: IBM have deprecated IBM Graph, in favor of Compose for JanusGraph. As a result, KeyLines no longer supports IBM Graph.

Quicker Quick Start

We’ve used your feedback to improve our Quick Start guide, designed to get you running in just a few minutes. We’ve also simplified and clarified our documentation throughout the SDK site.

New demos, enhancements and bug fixes

We’ve also incorporated a number of new demos, improved demos, feature enhancements and bug fixes. Find the full list for your edition on the KeyLines SDK site.

Want to see what’s coming next?

We’re hosting our next online Developer Forum tomorrow. This is only open to current KeyLines customers and evaluators, and happens just twice per year.

You should have received an invite last week – contact your Account Manager if not. We hope to see you there!

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