Visualizing IT infrastructure

Using KeyLines to understand the structure of IT and critical infrastructure networks

As companies embrace cloud computing and virtualization, IT teams face an increasingly demanding challenge.

IT infrastructures are larger, more complex and more dynamic than before. For efficient network management, IT teams need real-time data delivered in a simple, accessible format.

By integrating KeyLines into existing network management software, IT teams can generate dynamic interactive visualizations of their IT infrastructure networks. This provides the 360-degree visibility they need for effective and efficient network management.

Case Study: Visualizing IT Infrastructure

In this case study, we explain how KeyLines has been used to visualize some of the world’s biggest IT infrastructure networks in real time.

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Why visualize infrastructure networks?

Network visualization is the fastest way to communicate large volumes of connected data – entire networks can be summarized into a single chart.

Connections between groups of components, sub-networks and departments become clear. Network analysts can then drill down into the detail they need for each server, switch and firewall. This results in:

  • Better decisions – without easy and timely access to all of your network data, it’s impossible to make quick or well-informed decisions.
  • Better planning – IT managers need to identify issues and capacity bottlenecks to plan future infrastructure resourcing.
  • Faster processes – Allow your IT teams to locate problems and resolve them more quickly by providing interactive, dynamic maps of your IT infrastructure.
  • Improved cyber resilience – understand network dependencies and locate components potentially vulnerable to cyber attacks.
  • Simpler compliance – instantly export charts as accurate network diagrams.
  • Reduced costs – the operational and security improvements brought about by network visualization ultimately lead to reduced infrastructure costs.

KeyLines for your IT networks

KeyLines is a toolkit for building powerful browser-based network visualization and analysis applications.

These applications can then be deployed as standalone tools or integrated into existing systems and dashboards, helping IT teams discover bottlenecks, vulnerabilities, problems and solutions.

Part of a real IT network visualized using KeyLines. The various nodes represent the different components, with connections shown as links. Different types of connection are indicated by link color. Status warnings can be added as nodes or annotation bubbles.

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